How to Update Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV Software and Firmware?

Here is the complete illustrated guide on how to update your Skyworth 49U2 Netflix LED TV software and firmware. The process will consume some 15 minutes of your time. So let's begin...

Tools needed for "Software and Firmware" update

Before we proceed, we need to prepare the following tool such as the following, Computer, internet connection, brave browser, USB flash drive, screw drive and a static wrist.

We use computer that is connected to the internet to download and extract zip file. Yes, I am encouraging you to use Brave browser since it is far more faster than Google Chrome.

USB flash drive is where we move and store the software. It should be formatted as "Fat 32". While screw driver is use to open the TV back cover. To avoid static shock that may ruin the main, I advice you to wear static wrist band.

Now that we have the tool ready, we need to have the downloaded software. Please be careful and don't download the wrong job number for your Skyworth 49U2 LED TV.

Software Information Before Update
Software Version: 9M02B0045001015
GIT Version: 9M02B.V015.V1907
Build Time: Aug 7 2018 20:47:31

Software Information After Update
Software Version: 9M02B0045001021
GIT Version: 9M02B.V021.V2713
Build Time: May 9 2019 10:45:45

Available Skyworth 49U2 Software for Download:

49U2 Software
Job Number

49U2 Software
Job Number

How to Update Skyworth 43U2 firmware and software into new version?

1. Check the Job Number of the Skyworth 49U2 located at the back of the TV.
Unit Model : 49U9
Unit Job Order Number: 1870792PZ

Unit Serial Number: 1870792PZ00216

2. If your not convince yet, open TV back cover and check for the main board's job number. Sometime back cover job number is different to the main board. (In this case they are different)
Unit Model : 49U2
Mainboard Job Order Number: 1870792PZ

Mainboard Serial Number: 1870792PZ00343

3. Download and exact software you need from "49U2 Software and Job Number", I will provide you a link to each software once it is available to cloud.

4. Format the USB flash drive to FAT 32.

5. Move the extracted software "MstarUpgrade.bin" to the root file of USB flash disk drive.

6. Turn off the TV, unplug it from the power source.

7. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB port.

8. Plug in the TV to power and turn it on.

9. On your remote press MENU.

10. Locate "Settings" using arrow down button.

11. Select "Software Update (USB)" using arrow left and right button and select "Enter" then press "OK".

12. Right after pressing "OK" on you remote the TV will turn off and the "progress bar" appear in less a minute.

13. Wait for the progress bar reaching 100% and the TV once again will restarts on it's own.

14. The update will take around 10 minutes to complete and it will greet you like this one!

The whole process is only 14 steps away. Good luck! 

What happen if I download the wrong Skyworth 49U2 software?

As I mention above, please be careful downloading the software you need (check job number carefully). Please see error with wrong software below;
Can I revert back the process?
Answer is no?


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