How to Update or Upgrade or Downgrade the Skyworth 4K Android Operating System from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0 and newer version!

On this post, I will share to you on how to update your old Android Skyworth TV into a newer version for the following Skyworth Android TV.

Android 7.0.1 Download Link: 

Android 8.0.0 Download Link: 

Please scroll down for the complete guide and upgrade instructions. 

List of Skyworth G2 Series 

  • Skyworth 58G2 Android Version 6.0.1 to Android Version 7.0.0 or Version 8.0.0
  • Skyworth 55G2 Android Version 6.0.1 to Android Version 7.0.0 or Version 8.0.0
  • Skyworth 50G2 Android Version 6.0.1 to Android Version 7.0.0 or Version 8.0.0

List of Skyworth G2 Series

  • Skyworth 55G6 Android Version 6.0.1 to Android Version 7.0.0 or Version 8.0.0
  • Skyworth 49G6 Android Version 6.0.1 to Android Version 7.0.0 or Version 8.0.0

Why would I need to update my Android LED TV Software?

Software update is a must do because, it contain bug fixes for a more improve performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your Android LED TV.

Installing TV software updates ensures that your TV operating system continues to run safely and efficiently. Keep in mind that many app exploits look for an outdated software with unpatched security flaws.

A vulnerable Android TV app might risk your personal data and privacy that may lead to financial loss and even a much great damaged.

Do Exploits and Malware or Virus infect Android TV Operating System?

Yes, in-fact I myself have test to write and execute an exploit to my own 4K Android TV. And as expected I got my personal data and I can remotely control the Android TV. Here is how to attack the Andriod TV;
To exploit the kernel of Android TV use "CVE-2013-7263 & CVE-2013-6282" to gain privilege to the root the Android LED TV.
Then use the "Leveraging the NDK and JNI" to create an application that deliver the payload to the target Android LED TV. This payload will bring a native code application that will root and SELinux Android 6.0 device.
Use static analysis to perform a "local" attack on a target Android application to obtain sensitive information from another Android app installed on the device.
Leveraging BakSmali to decompile, and dynamic runtime analysis of native code, we will peer "into" the process space of a running Android app to see what data it is transferring in an otherwise un-man-in-the-middle-able encrypted communication with a server.
Use Chrome WebView to gain a remote code execution to the Android TV. Once execute, you need to debug an app and heapspray into system_server in preparation for an actual exploit.
Using a logic analyzer reverse engineer pinouts of Android LED TV UART interfaces.
Now will download firmware of the LED TV DIRECTLY from the manufacturer's website, unpack it, disassemble it, find the requisite parts (bootloader, filesystem, etc.), decompile the APKs, and go on a guided tour of the native code and Dalvik code that contain many interesting tidbits.
Now you "0wn" an Android device by leveraging JTAG interface via a LED TV VGA port or service port!
Now who told you that TV's is not vulnerable to exploits and malware or viruses. Therefore, an on time update is really important if you want to be safe.

How to Update my Android LED TV?

There are two easy steps to Update the Android TV. First, online update. And Second, USB Update.

Helpful Illustration on how to Update Skyworth Android LED TV Online:

  • Connect the Android LED TV to the internet
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to About.
  • Go to System Update.
  • Check for Update.
If update is available "Download and Install it".

AndroidTV Firmware Upgrade process via USB Flash Drive:
4K Skyworth Android 7.0.0 Software:

Link to Skyworth 4K Android Version 7.0.0 Operating System Available for download.

4K Skyworth Android 8.0.0 Software:

Link to Skyworth 4K Android Version 8.0.0 Operating System available for download.

11 Steps to Upgrade  4K Skyworth Android Version 6.0.1 to Version 7.0.0 to Version 8.0.0 TV:

  1. Format the USB to FAT32;
  2. Copy the file named"upgrade_loader_common-xxxx.pkg"(Around 600MB-800MB)into the root of the USB flash drive.
  3. Unplug the Skyworth 4K Android TV from the power source.
  4. Insert the USB Flash Drive that contain the software to USB 2.0 Port at the back of Skyworth Android 4K TV.
  5. Turn on the Android TV using the TV original remote control.
  6. The upgrade start, TV boot up and logo showing stack on the screen for a while during the upgrade, It will take around 5 minutes.
  7. Then the Android TV will automatically restarts, and restart again after an around 5 minutes.
  8. Then it will come to the TV setting.
  9. Press "source 3 1 9 5" to enter into the factory menu, and check the software version.
  10. Select General Setting->Out Factory Reset function.
  11. Finish.(To avoid the Android TV to upgrade again, better remove the USB or delete the software in the USB)
Remark: Above process takes around 14 minutes.

Please note*** PQ/PANEL Data upgrade process is not necessary when the above process have successful. 

PQ/PANEL Data upgrade process

Copy the files in an empty USB Flash Disk and insert the USB Flash disk into the USB2.0 on the TV.
On your original skyworth remote press the key of 'source' to enter source menu and press the key of'3''1''9''5' continuously to enter the factory general settings menu, you will see the UI as follows:

Go to and choose 'General settings' you will enter the UI as follows:
Choose 'Overseas Settings' you will enter the UI as follows:choose 'Update PQ; and 'Upate Panel' to upate PQ and Panel(Optional). When you see 'Success' on the TV means update success.
After you update PQ and Panel successfully. Please remove the AC cord and restart TV.
Please refer to step 2 to enter the factory menu and choose 'General settings' again.
Please choose 'Restore Default Menus' and press 'ok'.
Please refer to step 2 to enter the factory menu and choose 'General settings' again.
Please choose 'Factory Reset' and Press OK,then TV will reset.

Skyworth 4K Android Version 7.0.0 is available to download using the following link below. Take note this software is coming directly from the Skyworth Head Quarter in China.
Even the instructions on how to update the TV is also from them. I just translate it to English to understand by none Chinese speakers.

4K Skyworth Android 7.0.0 Software Download:

Skyworth 4K Android Version 7.0.0 Operating System Available for download.

4K Skyworth Android 8.0.0 Software Download:

Skyworth 4K Android Version 8.0.0 Operating System available for download.
This software is also a solution for the following Skyworth Android TV problems;

  • Hang on Skyworth Logo
  • Keep on loading
  • Auto on and Auto off
  • Can't connect to WiFi
  • Can't access the Android TV Home Page
  • Distorted Sound 55G6


  1. I have skyworth 55G6 i am on android 6.0 and trying to update to 8.0 or 7.0 but there is no update on the system settings, so i tried the process using usb, but update trough usb wont trigger after power on the tv using the original remote.

  2. Hi sir cloudspyder! Same prob here, we cant upgrade or update thru system settings and usb. Hope you could help us. Thanks

  3. Bonjour
    J'ai un problème avec la couleur jaune sur mon tv g6
    (Probleme :La couleur jaune vers l'orange).
    Merci de votre aide

    1. essaye de régler le white balance dans le menu expert

  4. Hi, cannot enter the factory menu by pressing "source" then 3195 with remote, could you be more specific on how to press those buttons source and 3195 at the same time ? What do you mean by continuously ? Thanks in advance.

    1. enter source then go to hdmi then press 3195 and you will directed to the expert menu

  5. Thanks but still doesn't work. I press source then i have all sources displayed (i stay on hdmi 1) then i press 3 then 1 then 9 then 5 and nothing happens. I have a 55G6 with cocoa os. Thanks in advance.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. BJR
    I have tv skyworth g6 43 "the sound does not work dahua camera plug on xvr 7108e.4kl.x but on d other TV the sound well and when I plug my ps4 pro on the TV g6 the sound well, c ,what is the solution

  8. i have installed android 8.0.0 on 55g2, analog channels no sound and netflix is not working error "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please check Network settings to connect to an available network and use Netflix (-100)"..

    1. I have same problem. I switched to this firmware from globe_ap. Very upsetting.

  9. buenas , necesito la actualizacion del sw49s6sug , el mismo queda cargando logo mucho tiempo , luego pone actualizando android y hace aproximadamente 55 actualizaciones y vuelve a lo mismo , algun archivo para ese modelo para desbloquear .gracias.

    1. gracias pude solucionarlo actualice a version 7 y anduvo

    2. hola hernanyer me podrías dar información me sucede lo mismo carga las aplicaciones y se reinicia

    3. si puedes escribirme a te lo agradezco

  10. I have a G6 55 android 7.0 upgrade successfully android 8.0 can upgrade


    1. The one from the link thy provided

    2. is the G6 firmware compatible to the G2 tv?

  12. Hi guys, there is a new firmware to Oreo G6? When I install this firmware (Oreo for G6) everything works except Netflix, there's a fix for it or a new firmware? Thanks

    1. The link to firmware Oreo G6

    2. There is only 55G6 firmware for android 8.0, can we use this for 55G2?

  13. Plz my brother give me pinout emmc for 43u5 or diagram

  14. My skyworth g6's home button mic button and Chromecast won't work after the upgrade

  15. Does any of you have an iea on to how to upgrade U5 series to the latest versions.

  16. Hola solucione el problema de un tv smart SKYWORTH SW55S6SUG que me salia un cartel al iniciar el smart "android se está iniciando optimizando aplicación 1 de 65" luego que carga todo se reinicia y vuelve a cargar y reinicia y nunca termina el proceso de optimización..

    luego de descargar .. Sistema operativo Skyworth 4K Android versión 7.0.0 que es un archivo apk llamado upgrade_loader_common
    y realizar los los pasos 1 al 8
    no fue necesario restablecer modo de fabrica porque el TV arranco normalmente.

    Gracias por el aporte ya que en las paginas oficiales de SKYWORTH no tienen soporte técnico ni para descargar el firmware. Es un buen tv pero lo negativo es que no tiene soporte técnico en america latina.

    Espero que les ayude con mi comentario. Saludos!

    1. hola me podrias ayudar por favor? tengo el mismo tv y no logro que inicie la actualizacion. seria tan amable de ayudarme a como iniciar la actualizacion ya que mi tv hace el mismo problema que hacia el suyo

    2. HOLA XRT .... Y EL ARCHIVO 7.0.0 upgrade_loader_common ..... tenes que descargar... y luego de descargarlo pasalo a un pendrive formateado a FAT32 .. ese pendrive tenes que ponerlo en el televisor apagado, en el puerto usb, luego le das encendido con el control remoto.. esperas que aparezca el logo.. tene paciencia no te desesperes,.. luego deja que se realize la carga demora al rededor de 8 o 10 minutos.. luego se reinicia.. cuando se está reiniciando saca el pendrive para que no arranque de nuevo la carga y vuelva todo de nuevo.. por eso saca el pendrive cuando se reinicia... luego te pedirá que configure el idioma y conexión y otras cosa y arrancará normalmente. ojala tengas suerte.. saludos.

    3. Formatee el USB a FAT32;
      Copie el archivo llamado "upgrade_loader_common-xxxx.pkg" (Alrededor de 600MB-800MB) en la raíz de la unidad flash USB.
      Desenchufe el Skyworth 4K Android TV de la fuente de alimentación.
      Inserte la unidad flash USB que contiene el software en el puerto USB 2.0 en la parte posterior de Skyworth Android 4K TV.
      Encienda el Android TV usando el control remoto original del televisor.
      El inicio de la actualización, el arranque del televisor y el logotipo que muestra la pila en la pantalla durante un tiempo durante la actualización, tomará alrededor de 5 minutos.
      Luego, el Android TV se reiniciará automáticamente y se reiniciará nuevamente después de unos 5 minutos.
      Luego vendrá a la configuración de TV.

  17. Hola necesito ayuda, mi TV skyworth sw49s6sug al prender ser queda en el logo y no sale de ahí, podrían decirme que hacer por favor ! ya probé lo de descargar lo de est página y sigue sin funcionar! Por favor ayudaaa!

  18. Hello superuser.. i would like to ask for help. Model 50E3300 is stuck on the skyworth logo. I am a teacher for consumer electronics and there's one problem i really can't solve. Tried to download all the possible os or firmware. I followed the all the step. Except to the remote, it won't start with the remote.

  19. How to change video System to PAL B/G ?

  20. Hola . Se puede bajar de Android 8 a Android 7 ?

  21. I see that Android TV 10.0 was released in Dec-2019. Any timing for when Skyworth will release the update so we can upgrade?

  22. Hello

    I have a problem with my tv telefunken g2 58 it no longer starts and hangs on the logo and restarts so I have no access to anything

    From forums how to update the TV with firmware on usb and nothing works

    So can you tell me how and what firmware I need to use to fix this outage

    TV 58 TLF G2 UHD smart android 1950071M00036
    Bought on May 3, 2020 from Tunisia
    No warranty due to pandemic covid 19 bought from parallel market without warranty

    Note I found not about Telefunken
    All the sites say it's a SKYWORTH G2


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