How to become a Clever TV Buyer: List of important things to be consider buying a new LED TV.

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Buying a new TV regardless the brand is really frustrating nowadays especially when it comes to after sales service. Since TV's is an electronic and electricity powered appliances, when it going to crash and malfunction is unpredictable. Therefore, for you to avoid the future frustrations here are some helpful tips to consider before you buy TV here in the Philippines.

Buy TV with huge numbers of Service Centers.

The more the service center the TV brand have connected with, the better. Why? Because, it has a competition between service centers. And since service centers is a third party player and not really own or connected to the TV brand, the turn around time when you get the service is more faster.

Look only for TV brand with established service center in you area.

Like as discussed earlier, the life of your TV is unpredictable, it will crash and malfunction anytime regardless what brand it is. Therefore, an easy access to after sales service is truly important.

Buy only a TV brand who is offering home service.

This is the most important factor to consider before buying a TV, regardless of it's size they should offer a home service. There are TV brand out in the market today that do not cater home service for sizes less than 32 inches, which I think isn't fair. Therefore, before buying asked the sales promoter if they're offering home service. Because, the time you wasted in there defective product is priceless. Better avoid buying it.

Buy TV with 24 hours call toll free hotline.

A 24 hours toll free hotlines is also important for the following reasons; you need an assistance on how to operate the TV in the middle of the night. And why would you spend cash for NDD calls to the hassle that is not really your fault. It's a factory defect. Therefore, toll free hotlines with 24/7 access it really important.

Easy to get an answer from your query over the phone.

Yes they have 24 hours toll free hot-line, but have you get the service you want from them? Therefore, before buying a TV, give it a try to test there hotline number first. Call them and asked something. If you get a good answer then they're good. But if you find yourself waiting to the other line for someone pick the phone or left you hang for more than a minute then this is a really bad sign. Don't ever think to buy TV from that brand. What if you really need a help and none from them is there to help you, it's frustrating isn't it.

Checked the warranty policy.

Checking the after sales service policy is also important. Asked for what is warranty covered and what is not. Also be vigilant, some TV company do not covered the rusty screen panel frame which resulted to line on screen. Rather they declare it water damaged or animal urine. In my opinion not all the time a rusted metal frame is cause by water damaged or animal urine. Sometimes the TFT set also producing liquid like substance that cause corrosion.

Buy only a TV brand offering two years warranty or longer.

Some people think warranty period is not important, thinking that there TV will last long because of it's brand name. And they're all got it wrong, an average TV lifespan will only last for a year. Therefore, if you got two years TV warranty or more, the chance of getting a replacement without buying a new one is higher. Since, TV model change really quick you might get a new model with an improved features without spending a dime or few.

Do I need to consider the TV brand name?

Sometimes choosing a brand of which is a best TV is also very tricky, a sales person that assisting you might tell you some deceiving facts in order to close a deal. One best example of it is "this TV is an American brand" but the fact is almost all inexpensive consumer electronic item nowadays is China made. I am not against the Chinese people or China, in fact my grandmother is from Guangdong (formerly Canton Province), a coastal province of southeast China, borders Hong Kong and Macau. Therefore, do your own research to identify where those brand component is coming from.

Should I buy a China made TV brand?

Yes, there's nothing wrong with Chinese made brand. In fact most of the consumer electronic product nowadays are Chinese made. Even the most expensive Apple products to the inexpensive transistor radio.

How to I noticed where do the TV is made?

Look at the back of display TV and you will find out where country is made. However this is also deceiving, most of this product are just assembled only in that pertaining country but the components and all the parts is somehow imported from China.

How to notice if the TV component and parts is Chinese made?

Do not believe on what you heard from the sales person. What ever he is talking about the product is always for there own good. Once it is a less expensive, the TV product is somehow from China. Because, if you're the owner of the company and want to bag more profit even you sold your product in the cheapest price. Then you will import component and parts from the country that will afford to give you cheapest.

Why most of the electronic parts and component is imported from China?

Simply, Chinese electronic component, parts or evev products is far more less expensive than from other countries. Therefore, a company than what to cost cut and earn more profit will import component from China as I mentioned earlier.

Should I consider the higher the price the better when buying?

In my own experience as a consumer, the higher the price tag is, the better the product, it will last longer than the inexpensive one. But in the case of TV or electronic consumer products, they all the same. There lifespan is unpredictable therefore the after sales is really important. But when it comes to features, quality of display, design and materials where it made. Expensive TV is better than less expensive one.

Why do a sales person pushed me to buy the less expensive TV?

Are you one of those people who is a victim of the sales deception. You already decided for which TV model you want to buy, but the sales person whispered negative things in your ears about that certain model of TV you really want to take home with you. Then they will lure you to the nearest display with less expensive price tag and discuss about the features somehow, you never tried because, there is in fact no internet connectivity in the area or no time for testing. So many blah, blah, blah, of never heard features as if you can use them or function well without any issue. If yes, then you are now a garbage collector.
As a consumer electronic sales consultant for sometimes now, this technique is the most effective way to sell out the product that is soon out on the market. In this way the TV buyer or feel that the sales person is truly care about them but the truth is they're not. They are just want to push the obsolete products. Therefore, if you find out that the model you want is not available then jump on the next TV authorized dealer.

Don't be trick, same function but different names.

Another tricky stuff on buying new TV set nowadays is when you look at there offered features. There are different names but the functionality it offers is the same with what the other brands features. Don't be a victim of there explanation, all brand of TV generic features comes the same nowadays. They'll only renamed it for what is best for them.

For Android TV buy only a TV with full Google license.

Not every Android TV is the same and not every Google license TV is the same. Android TV comes into two category, the Android TV and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) TV. The AOSP TV comes in with limited support and doesn't grant an access to Google services. On the other hand, an Android TV is also devided into two category, Android TV limited Google license and Android TV full Google license.

How to notice an Android TV with full Google license?

Simply, browse to the Google play services or Google play store on the TV and try to install Google chrome or other browser. If you can able to download Chrome or Firefox browser then the TV comes with full Google license. Otherwise, it is limited Google license.

Why I can't install Google chrome on my Android TV from Google play store?

Have you been promised by sales person to be able to install all applications from Google play store. But when you get home and try to install a simple Google Chrome browser, but how unlucky you can't find one then you made a call to the TV Hotline number and they say, the Google Chrome is not built for TV but rather try to find the TV browser and install it. Then your confusing right now but still gladly do install the browser you never heard before and try to use it but it crash often. The reason, you have buy an Android TV with limited license from Google.

Test for Netflix certified TV to avoid return hassle.

There are countless of complaint about "Netflix is not certified with your TV". Yes, they do exists, there are some TV brand model that is not Netflix certified because, they don't have license to use the Netflix product. Therefore, as a new TV buyer, to avoid future frustrations you should need to test the TV for Netflix first before buying it. Luckily, there is no way to determine if its not a Netflix certified but to installed the app and test it with your account.

Avoid buying TV with Analog Reception.

Very soon, here in the Philippines, analog broadcast will be replaced with full Digital broadcast. And digital broadcast is far more clearer and vivid than the analog. Therefore, considered to buy TV that has a capability to receive digital channels.

How to notice a Digital TV?

Asking the same person is one thing but if you want to confirm and see it by yourself, look at the back of the TV. With the current design, Digital TV always comes with two coaxial cable receiver. Where in the one reciever is labeled with AIR and the other one is labeled with CABLE.

Buy only a full HD TV.

The Philippines is heading to digital broadcast and for you to appreciate the digital broadcast service as well as the images, you must have an at least full HD TV.

Buy TV only with cash.

When you have cash in hand and planning to buy a new LED TV, then buy it with cold cash. It's because most authorized TV dealers always give a cash buyer a big discounts compare to credit card straight payment or ATM cash payment. Sometimes you even received another freebies for paying cash. But some people thinks that, why should I buy my cash if it's offered for 0% interest payable for 12 months? Yeah, sure but wait does it really offered 0% interest or with hidden interest.

0% interest is not exist, it always have an interest.

The truth with 0% interest is, there is no such thing as 0% interest as they advertise to the public. In fact the product was sold to consumer with 20% to 30% markup from it's original price while 30% to 50% markup on there so called 0% interest deal. Therefore, always pay cash when buying LED, Android, Smart or OLED TV.

Author Insights about buying TV

Buying which brand of TV that is perfect for you is not made simple. The money you might spend is not small and the experience you might expecting might not met or the after sales service might be very frustrating. Therefore, I made this helpful tips to consider that might work with buyer all over the world. This is only my opinion as TV sales and service consultant who experience the frustrations of consumers.

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