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Thank you for your interest in our Internet enabled smart television. Protecting your personal data and compliance with the legal provisions are very important to us.

Therefore, we would like to inform hereinafter on data protection in connection with the use of your smart TV.

Definition of Data Protection

The subject of data protection is personal data. Personal data are individual information about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person as defined under applicable laws.

Scope of the Data Collection and Storage

In the course of using your smart TV, we will not require you to disclose any personal data to us. However, where appropriate and subject to separate privacy notices, relevant third parties of services ("Third Party Providers") may collect device related or sometimes also personal data from you in order to enable or allow you to utilize all device functions.

These data are only collected, processed or used, to the extent necessary for the provision of services of Third Party Providers. Unless you want to take advantage of individual services of Third Party Providers, no data will be collected or even saved.

We do not collect any personal data from you when you use the Smart TV, and we do not receive any personal data collected by Third Party Providers. We also do not place any tracking devices such as beacons or cookies on your TV set.

Any personal data that you provide to Third Party Providers will be subject to separate privacy notices of such Third Party Providers.

You should refer to the privacy notices of Third Party Providers for information including the purposes of collection, processing and use of your personal data.

If you wish to withdraw any consent you have given, or exercise any rights in relation to your personal data, please refer to the relevant privacy notices of Third Party Providers.

Please note that the privacy notices of the individual Third Party Providers may change. Therefore we recommend you to check regularly on any updates.

Privacy Relevant Terms

This smart TV allows you in addition to pure television reception via satellite, cable or antenna also connect to the Internet to use device specific functions or services of third parties.

If you don't connect your smart TV with the Internet, no data transfer takes place. If you connect your smart TV to the Internet, it is to be distinguished depending on the individual further use as follows:

First time connection to the Internet

With the first connection to the Internet, the connecting individually assigned IP address is logged in the smart TV and stored in the smart TV for a maximum of 7 days and solely for purposes of enabling initial Internet connection.

We do not collect this data and do not have any access to this data. Further information about your personal data is neither necessary nor determined for us in any way. You can activate the connection to the Internet via LAN or WLAN at any time in the menu of your smart TV.

When disabled, there is no connection to the Internet but the network functionality is maintained. Third Party Providers of web applications may access the IP address for purposes of operating and providing the web applications to you. Please refer to the privacy notices of Third Party Providers:

netrange ;

Software Update

You as the user of the smart TV can decide whether and on which way you want to perform a software update. When choosing this device specific function on the Internet, software files with the updates will be downloaded but no personal data or so called log files are collected or stored.

If you decide that software updates shall be done, we call at regular intervals the software version to see if a software update is available. To the extent there is any available software update and you have opted for an update on the Internet, the update will be downloaded.


HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) stands for a connection of television and Internet. The broadcasters or their associated partners transmit with their TV program a digital data stream, which includes also a web address.

This allows you e.g. to show current or additional program information during the current TV program or to call missed programs on the TV media libraries. The connection via HbbTV and thus a data flow is created in the "on" setting only if you decide to actively promote the use of this function by pressing the "Red Button" (red button on the remote control).

In the "off" setting, this function is turned off. When using these services neither we nor Third Party Providers collect or store any personal data. Regarding the use of data by the responsible broadcasters or their associated partners, please familiarize yourself with their privacy notices.

Portal Smart TV

Your TV has some portals for interactive TV applications. These sites are operated by Third Party Providers and we do not collect and use any personal data. Please refer to the privacy notices of Third Party Providers before using portals for interactive TV applications:



If you visit any website or web application (e.g. YouTube) via the Smart TV, websites have the ability to collect information with reference to a "cookie" (a text file) and to store it permanently on your smart TV. This information is then transmitted with every call of the respective page.

What data is collected here, alone determines the requested page. After the cookies are stored on the smart TV, you can always delete the cookies either via the appropriate TV menu item or by resetting the device settings of the TV.

We do not collect or access any cookies information. When you visit websites, please refer to the privacy notices of contained in each website.

Purpose Bound Data Handling

We adhere to the principle of earmarked data usage and collect, process and use your personal data only for the purposes for which you have provided it to us or for which you have actively decided to use it.

A transfer of your personal data to third parties without your express consent, unless this is required to provide the desired functionality and performance.

The transmission to authorized state authorities will be effected only within the scope of the statutory information obligations or if we are obliged in any way to provide information.


You have the possibility to revoke at any time the acceptance of the privacy policy in the menu of your smart TV. If the cancellation is active, no connection is established to the Internet.


You receive at any time without notice for any reason free information about your collected or stored data. You can always lock, correct or delete your collected data with us. Please refer to the address on our Website or contact us directly under

We are at your disposal at any time for further questions regarding our privacy policy and the processing of your personal data. Please note that the privacy policies of the individual service providers may change continuously.

Therefore we recommend you to check regularly for their rules and regulations.