Skyworth TV Price in Philippines : Unraveling the Mystery

Skyworth TVs (Coolita series and Google TV) have been making waves in the Philippines, tantalizing buyers with their sleek designs, feature-packed offerings, and surprisingly competitive prices. But navigating the Skyworth landscape can be tricky, with a vast array of models and varying price points. Fear not, intrepid shopper! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to estimate your ideal Skyworth TV in the Philippines.

Size Matters (and So Does Resolution)

The first factor influencing price is, unsurprisingly, screen size. Expect to pay around ₱2,590 for a budget-friendly 24-inch HD model, while a premium 65-inch QLED Pro behemoth with 4K resolution can soar to ₱44,990. Consider your viewing space and budget before making this crucial decision.

Smart smarts, Big Bucks

Next comes the smart factor. Basic non-smart TVs are the most affordable, but miss out on streaming apps and internet connectivity. Smart TVs, equipped with platforms like Google TV or Android, offer a world of entertainment at your fingertips, but come with a price premium. 

A popular 43-inch Google TV 2024 models range from ₱12,990 to ₱16,990. While 50-inch Google TV 2024 models range from ₱18,000 to ₱25,990. And the 55-inch Google TV 2024 models range from ₱22,590 to ₱32,990 depending on the quality. Last our entry level 32-inch Smart TV range from below ₱9,000 for Coolita series while for Google TV's 32-inch from a price range ₱9,990 to ₱11,990.

Premium QLED Pro lineup or model comes little bit pricey than those on the budget meal side. These includes the following models, SUE8000 series and SUE8002 series.

Tech Specs that Tickle the Price Tag

Dive deeper into the tech specs, and the price dance continues. Features like HDR for enhanced contrast, Dolby Atmos for immersive sound, and ultra-fast refresh rates for smooth gaming add to the cost. Remember, every bell and whistle comes with a corresponding ching-ching.

Where to Find Your Skyworth Sweet Spot

Now that you're armed with pricing know-how, explore your options! Online retailers like Lazada offer competitive deals and frequent discounts. Brick-and-mortar stores like Abenson and SM Appliance provide hands-on experience and expert advice. Don't forget to compare prices across platforms to snag the best value.

Bonus Tip: The Art of the Haggle

In the Philippines, haggling is an art form, especially in physical stores. Approach with a smile, be polite yet firm, and don't be afraid to walk away if the price doesn't feel right. You might just score a bargain!


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