Skyworth 32STD5500 Software Download | Android TV Software and Firmware Update

This update will fix the casting problem, hang on logo, standby only and many other software related problem on your Skyworth 32STD5500 2K Android TV.

Tools Needed:

  • 16GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32)
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Software: (upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg)

Software Download Information and Link:

You can download the updated software for Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV here >>> Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV Software and Firmware.

How to Update and Upgrade the Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV?

  1. Download the Software and Firmware with filename "upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg" from the link above.
  2. Format your USB Flash Drive to "FAT32".
  3. Move the downloaded file with filename "upgrade_image_no_tvcertificate_tvconfig_project_id.pkg" to USB Flash drive root directory.
  4. Insert the USB Flash drive containing the  Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV Software and Firmware into your TV USB port located at the back, adjacent to the Antenna port.
  5. Press and hold the power button of the your Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV while inserting the plug to the power supply. Keep pressing the power button until the progress bar appears.
  6. When the "upgrading software progress bar appears" please do not turn off the 32-inch Skyworth Android TV.
The whole software and firmware, update and upgrade process will took for a few minutes. Skyworth 32STD5500 Android TV will automatically turn off and when the progress bar reach 💯%. You will need to manually turn on the TV and proceed to initial setup.


  1. how can i downgrade firmware to the original one ..... error file flashing ...


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