Skyworth Philippines Super TVs Product Lineup 2022 SUE Series

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Skyworth Philippines hosted an event with the theme " Transform your World" were a new product launch and a national tour showcasing 2022 Super TVs product lineup SUE Series QLED+ TV - an industry-leading products with unique and cutting-edge technologies pioneering in Southeast Asia.

The SUE Series which are the events' highlight model, is the industry's first eye care Google TV. These feature in my opinion is very significant nowadays, because it assists them in preventing long-termed eye damage brought on by flickering screen.

Another highlight is the 2 in 1 TV or the transformable TV which enables free stretching and transformation of the entire screen from its original flat form to curved form. Depending on your preferred viewing distance, you can change the curvature from 3.5 meters to 1 meter.

Complete List of 2022 Skyworth Super TV Lineup

Below is the actual images and complete list of 2022 Skyworth Super TVs, from the smallest 32-inch Smart TV up to the gigantic 90-inch Google QLED+ TV.

Skyworth 65SUE9500 Transformer 2 in 1 OLED TV

The 65SUE9500 is Skyworth's first transformable OLED TV which enables free stretching and transformation of the entire screen from its original flat form to curved form. Depending on your preferred viewing distance, you can change the curvature from 3.5 meters to 1 meter.

It is equipped with 12MMP high light intake PTZ AI Camera, a 240Hz refresh rate crystal motion OLED and Skyworth audio drum. This OLED TV is truly amazing, as of posting it comes with a suggested retail price  of Php 1,600,000.00. So, if you want to take home one of this Super TV, feel free to shoot me a message on my mobile number +639281891279.

What are the best features or quality of Skyworth's first Transformable OLED TV?

Skyworth 65SUE9500 or 65W82 OLED TV

The Skyworth 65W82 or the 65SUE9500 (Philippines) OLED TV model was dveloped by Skyworth itself, making it the first transformable OLED TV ever. It enables free stretching and transformation of the entire screen from its flat form to curved form. Depending on your preferred viewing distance, you can change the curvature angle from 3.5 meters to 1 meter.

After years of research and development, four technological advances have been made for this model which includes; the OBM Transform, the Electric Bending Mechanism, the fish-scale shaped telescopic rear shell and the 1000R Smart Bending Adjustment. 

The W82 Series or SUE9500 Series is also equipped with a wide range of displays only available from Skyworth, such as SOBiF non-afterimage technology, 3D LUT color calibration, and ALS Ambient Light Sensor, unquestionably leading the industry in hardware and image correction technology.

Skyworth 90SUE7800 Smart QLED+ TV

As of now, the 90SUE7800 is the largest QLED+ TV available for Skyworth Philippines customers. It comes with a gigantic 90" QLED+ display and a tag price amounting Php 249,999.00, it is available on order basis. So, if you want to take home one of this Super TV, feel free to shoot me a message on my mobile number +639281891279.

Skyworth 86SUE7800 and SUE8000 Series Smart QLED+ TV

Like the 90SUE7800, the following Skyworth QLED+ TV models; 86SUE7800, 75SUE8000, 65SUE8000, and 55SUE8000 is available on order basis. So, if you want to take home one of this Super TV, feel free to shoot me a message on my mobile number +639281891279.

Skworth 70SUE7800 and SUE7600 Series Smart LED TV

While most QLED+ TV models is available only on order basis, the following LED TVs which includes 70SUE7800, 65SUE7600, 55SUE7600 and 50SUE7600 will be available to all Skyworth Philippines authorized dealers.

Coolita and Goole TV

And finally, the Skyworth STD4000 series which includes 32STD4000, 40STD4000 and 43STD4000 will be the cheapest smart TV available on it's class. price start Php 6,990.00. 
Skyworth STD4000 Series is designed to be faster and running on top of Coolita operating system, a Skyworth's self-developed operating system.

While on the other side, the Skyworth STE5600 series which includes 32STE5600, 40STE5600 and 43STE5600 will be the cheapest Google TV available in the market.  

Super TVs Product Lineup 2022 SUE Series Features

Skyworth has been at the forefront of key international hi-tech corporations since 1988. And through the years, Skyworth was known to be one of the world's top 5 TV brands. 

Once again this year 2022, Skyworth have set another benchmark by introducing a flicker free and low blue light Google TV. Leading the future in the field of smart home appliances and information technology.

Skyworth 4K Google TV 3 Main Features

The 2022 Skyworth 4K Google TV 3 main features includes Eye Care Features, Google TV and Picture Quality.

Eye Care

Skyworth 4K Google TV Eye Care Feature Flicker Free
EYE CARE starts from eye protection, indicating that the SKYWORTH protects the eyes of users, and also pays attention to the users themselves.

Refining the meaning of protection and care jointly conveyed by CARE and LOVE, and conveying the brand's eye protection function to protect users' eyes, not only the protection of users' health, but also SKYWORTH's love for users themselves.

Three Main Hazards Of Electronic Products
Skyworth 4K Google TV Flicker Free

Flicker is a major cause of eye strain.

Blue Light
Harmful blue light can cause lesions in the macular area of the eye.

It is hard for adults and children to resist the temptation of electronic devices.

Three Solutions For Electronics Main Hazards
Skyworth 4K Google TV Solutions to Electronics Hazards

Flicker Free
By changing the dimming mode and directly using the DC dimming mode, invisible flicker hazards can be effectively avoided.

Low Blue Light
Adjust the band of blue light emitted by the lamp bead, and adopt the lamp that conforms to the wavelength specification, so as to greatly reduce the harm to the human eye.

Health Platform
With built-in eye protection mode, you can not only watch movies in eye protection mode, but also set the viewing duration independently to prevent endless watching.

What is a Flicker?

What is a Flicker?
  • Flicker is the unsteady movement of a  light that causes rapid variations in brightness. 
  • Flicker is to point to the phenomenon of light source flicker, ordinary TV backlight source in a certain period of time with a fixed frequency of alternating flashing.
  • Flicker is a common phenomenon in electronic devices, that is why people always say ‘don’t use them too much’. For solving this problem, we adopt the flicker-free technology, to eliminate the flicker.

How to verify Flicker?

Skyworth uses DC dimming, improves the power supply and backlight drive circuit, and controls the brightness of the TV by controlling the analog current value of the backlight through DC dimming technology, eliminating the backlight flicker while accurately maintaining the color expression of the picture; and other competing TVs. 
How to verify flickering TV?
The mobile phone slow motion test screen flicker phenomenon is very obvious, invisibly causing irreversible damage to the human eye, causing a series of complications.

  1. Option: Turn on the camera's professional mode-adjust the Sec shutter speed to 1/4000; increase the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 4000
  2. Option: Position your mobile phone in front of the TV Screen then choose the video recording mode.

Certified Flicker-Free 4K Google TV

Skyworth 4K Google TV Flicker Free Certificate
TUV  flicker-free certification requires that products be tested in accordance with internationally accepted measurement procedures. At present, our SUD Series has been certified.

With this legitimate authentication, customers can be assured that they will be receiving top-tier flicker-free televisions which will surely make the viewing experience more seamless.

What Is Blue Light and What Produce Blue Light?

What is blue light and what produce a blue light?
  • Blue light is visible light with a wavelength between 400 and 500 nanometers (nm). As the name suggests, this type of light is perceived as blue in color. Not all blue light is harmful, only the 415nm to 455nm range of blue light is harmful.
  • Human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Except daylight produce the blue light, the Computer and laptop screens, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, and tablets all use LED technologies with high amounts of blue light. 
  • High-energy blue light can penetrate directly into our eyes and cause a variety of discomfort and illness.

What Harm Does Harmful Blue Light Cause?

Digital Eyestrain
Using digital devices up close or for long periods can lead to digital eyestrain. 

Interfere with sleep
Blue light in the evening hours, people’s bodies don’t release as much melatonin, and their sleep cycles are delayed or disrupted.

Through the description of daily life scenes, such as eye fatigue caused by excessive use of mobile phones, consumers can basically feel the harm of blue light.

Low Blue Light 4K Google TV

Skyworth 4K Google TV Low Blue Light Certificate
  • With adopts special bulbs, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful blue light in the 415nm-455nm band, thereby reduce the harm of blue light to human body. 
  • And now it has obtained relevant international certification.
【Verify The Blue Light】 Using a blue light detector, prove the presence of blue light by the shadows’ color. If you don't have a tool to verify it, you can describe blue light by searching papers or articles on the Internet.

【Low Blue Light Certification】 Showing the certification of low blue light content.

Health Platform Settings

Skyworth 4K Google TV Health Platform Settings
Through the health platform, consumers can be shown three built-in health Settings of TVS. The night mode can be customized to set the time, and Eye Protection and Auto Volume Control can choose to follow the night mode, or can be manually turned on and off. It is a user-friendly feature for consumers. Effectively prevent uncontrolled viewing, put an end to procrastination.

【Process】 Entering 【System】 from 【Setting】, selecting 【Health】 window to display the health platform.

Night mode

Skyworth 4K Google TV Night Mode
  • Watching movies at night, too bright?
  • Can't stop watching TV?
  • Kids crying after you turn off cartoons?
  • Night mode can automatically adjust the screen color to a warmer tone, so as to relieve eye fatigue and protect the eyes of family members. 

Night mode is the perfect way to solve these problems! When watching movies at night, set the night mode to make the TV brightness more suitable for the night viewing environment. 

At the same time, you can set the viewing time according to the existing viewing habit, and at the same time, you can also set the corresponding viewing time for children to develop a good watching habit.

Eye Protection

The chip-based algorithm detects the scene brightness of TV content and intelligently adjusts the backlight.

Auto Volume Control

It provides a built-in volume equalizer intelligently adjusts the volume to avoid sudden volume changes that cause panic.

Skyworth 4K Google TV

Skyworth 4K Google TV
The latest Google system is an update based on Android 11 introduced by Google. Compared to Android, the Google system is designed exclusively for TV users.

More convenient home page
Delete App icons, Add the top guide bar. Can open Apps on the home page.

Easier interactive menu
Integrate TV and System setting into one page.

More intelligent user experience
Intelligent content push, seamless viewing across devices, child mode.

Google is the world‘s largest network platform, with 8,000 +apps serving more than 190 countries and supporting 1 billion+ ecological devices. Cloud games, Google Wallpapers, video calling, multiple login accounts, kids zone, and a variety of popular apps, if only you want to download, then you can enjoy.

New UI Layout
Skyworth 4K Google TV New UI Layout
  • Content organized in topical clusters.
  • Increase the top tab navigation bar, and cancel the application icon on the left.
  • More personalized and convenient home page.

Kids Profile
Skyworth 4K Google TV Kids Profile
Have separated kids mode, to Help you guide your kids to watch and choose  appropriate content based on their age.

Dual-screen Preview
Skyworth 4K Google TV Dual Screen Preview
  1. Presentation is more intuitive.
  2. The single-screen display of the setting interface has been upgraded to dual-screen preview, which is more intuitive and more convenient to operate.
Ambient Mode
Skyworth 4K Google TV Ambient Mode
  1. More options when your TV is idle.
  2. Select your favorite Google photos to enjoy when your TV is in standby mode.

Daily Cast

Android screen casting no need for active Wi-Fi to connect. Cast your phone content into big screen.
Skyworth 4K Google TV Daily Cast and Casting Feature

and Cast Play

Display iOS and Android screen casting channels together, users can quickly select the channel they want to use, and there are corresponding operation instructions, making screen casting easier.

Daily Key

Skyworth 4K Google TV Daily Keys
Reserve a hotkey for the user, can be arbitrarily associated with the relevant Settings, App, personalized TV for you.

Daily Manage

Skyworth 4K Google TV Daily Managed
Daily Manage allows you to control the TV situation in real time, clean it on time, and ensure the smoothness of use, extend the service life of the TV to some extent.

Skyworth 4K Google TV Picture Quality

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine

Skyworth 4K Google TV Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine
Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AIPQ Engine is Skyworth's latest generation cloud based AI picture quality technology that continuously updates and enhances the TV's movie and action sports viewing experience.

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 Engine Clear Beauty of Every Detail

A built-in professional image quality processing engine, every frame is a wonderful scene. The Super Resolution, the Contrast Enhancement, the Dynamic Remodel and the AI Self-Adaption.

Super Resolution and Contrast Enhancement

Skyworth 4K Google TV Super Resolution and Contrast Enhancement
Super Resolution upgrade image quality in more realistic and clearer. While the Contrast Enhancement will adjust images in 2,304 subareas to enhance contrast, improving image quality and layering.

Dynamic Remodel and AI Self-Adaption

Skyworth 4K Google TV Dynamic Remodel and AI Algorithm
The Dynamic Remodel apply AI algorithm to remove image noise making it more pure and delicate images. And the AI Self-Adaption smart recognition of complexion adjustment, making good-looking characters.

Skyworth Filmmaker Mode

Skyworth 4K Google TV Filmmaker Mode

Today's manufacturers Ultra HD TVs have extraordinary technical capabilities and deliver a wide range of viewing options for gaming, sports and cinematic content. Based on input from countless pre-eminent filmmakers, Filmmaker mode was collaboratively developed to provide consumers a way to better experience the filmmaker's vision in the home.

Filmmaker Mode enables a more cinematic experience on UHD TV's by disabling all post-processing so the movie or television show is displayed as it was intended by the filmmaker.

Currently, the filmmaker mode is widely used in LG, Samsung, BENQ, PHILIPS and Panasonic brands. Filmmaker Mode enables your TV to display the movie or television show's content precisely as it was intended by the filmmaker. This will let you experience blockbuster movies at home.

Skyworth HDR10 & HLG

8.29-megapixel high-quality LED screen, equipped with the technology of HDR10 & HLG expansion image quality improvement, provides you a fresh blooming vision.
Skyworth 4K Google TV HDR10 & HLG


High-Dynamic-Range Video, referred to as HDR10, Its main function is to improve the contrast of dynamic pictures.


The Hybrid Log-gamma(HLG), is a transfer function jointly developed by the BBC and NHK for HDR display, at same time, it's backward compatible with the transfer function of SDR.

Skyworth 4K Google TV Sound Quality

Dolby Digital Plus & Dolby Audio

Dolby Digital Plus is an audio technology based on Dolby Digital 5.1, it is an advanced surround sound audio technology that enables to experience across home theaters, smartphones, operating systems, and browsers. 
Skyworth 4K Google TV Dolby Audio
For Dolby Audio, the details are everything. It is optimized across your devices so you won’t miss a single detail no matter where you’re watching This time, we equipped with the Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Audio together in our TVS, to improve users sound experience.

Play some music which is dynamic type, it focuses on the dynamic sound effects of music, and our TVs sound volume without turning up too much, then you can enjoy the shocking sound effects, because of the speakers effect.

DTS Studio Sound

Skyworth 4K Google TV DTS Studio Sound

For DTS, it can provide three ways to adjust, such as the enable, surround and truvolume, the users can according to themselves feeling to adjust. And with two 10w monomer speakers, DTS optimizes the audio performance, producing a rich, clear, and fascinating sound experience for you to enjoy.

In the state of playing music, turn on the Sound Settings to demonstrate the function of DTS Studio Sound, so that consumers can intuitively feel the difference.
Setting ➤ Display & Sound ➤ Sound ➤ DTS Studio Sound 

Skyworth 4k Google TV High-end Specifications

Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

Two-way Bluetooth, TV can be both output device and input device, whatever auditory feast you want, can be instantly selected 5.1 The direction-finding algorithm has been upgraded to accurately identify and measure devices, making the connection more rapid. 
Skyworth 4K Google TV Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1
At the same time, the cache function has been updated, that is, the previously connected devices can be quickly connected when they are turned on without being cleared. All these have brought better and more convenient experiences to users.

Connect your mobile phone to your TV‘s Bluetooth, show consumers how easy it is to operate bidirectional Bluetooth, turn your TV into a large stereo immediately, try to imagine that if you have a TV-like as it, then you can have a fun and relaxing weekend.

Infinity Screen 4.0

Skyworth 4K Google TV Infinity Screen 4.0
The full screen technology, with nearly 98.6% screen-to-bezel ratio, provides a more immersive viewing experience.

All-metal Back Plate

Skyworth 4K Google TV All Metal Black Plate

The all-metal body is sturdy and durable, it also can better heat dissipation, to a certain extent can prolong the service life.

Diamond Cutting Edges and Corners

Skyworth 4K Google TV Diamond Cutting Edges and Corners
The glass is directly attached to the metal bracket, it can reduce the accumulation of dust. And with diamond cutting edges and corners, it looks more artist.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

By adding nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agent in the material of the remote, the silver ions in the controller will react with the bacteria active on the remote, resulting in the inactivation of bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of bacteriostatic.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more and more aware of health and safety. Use bacteriostatic remote controls and enjoy healthy movies together.

Skyworth Google TV Remote Function

Google TV Remote each button function explained
1. Power - turn the Google TV "ON" or to standby mode.
2. Mic or Google Assistant - use it to start using the near field voice function. Short press to wake up the voice assistant. Long press to start receiving your voice command. After you speak, release button to run voice function.
3. Account - use this button to sign in with your Google account to get all the entertainment you want.
4. Dashboard - use this button to access your Google TV Dashboard.
5. OK - use to confirm, enter or execute the selected item or show the list of Quick Button.
6. Navigation Buttons (Up Down Left Right) - use to navigate the menu to select the content you need or
  • press left or right button to change local channels.
  • press down button once to access INFO interface.
  • press down button twice to access EPG interface in DTV mode.
7. Home - Access the home screen of your Google TV.
8. Guide - access the electronic program guide in DTV mode.
9. Back - return to upper-level content, or exit the current screen or operation.
10. Mute - mute or restore the TV sound.
11. Volume Up or Down - use to adjust the sound volume.
12. Source - use to access the source menu.
13. Application Buttons - use to access specific applications quickly and directly.
14. Compound Button - short press is to set or start the function of shortcut key. long press is to open the virtual keyboard including number buttons, color buttons and so on...

Like anybody else in the event, I also received an invitation to cover and make honest review for all the products listed above. So see you soon...
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