Skyworth Google TV Review the SUE6700 Series with Actual Unit

The Skyworth SUE6700 Google TV for eye and for you comes with seven (7) different sizes to choose from. It's smallest variant will featuring a 43-inch boundless screen 4.0 display and to be known as the 43SUE6700. And the largest variant of this series will featuring a  86-inch boundless screen design to be known as the Skyworth Google TV 86SUE6700.

Therefore, in between there will be a 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 70-inch and 75-inch variants, or the 50SUE6700, 55SUE6700, 65SUE6700, 70SUE6700, 77SUE6700 and 75SUE6700 respectively. All of the mentioned Skyworth Google TV variant will be introduced in India and Philippines. It is similar to the Skyworth G22F variant in China, 43G22F, 50G22F, 55G22F, 65G22F, 70G22F, 77G22F, 75G22F and 86G22F.

Skyworth Google TV SUE6700 Series Design, Features and Specs

Skyworth Google TV Design Boundless Screen 4.0 Twin Tower Design, Diamond cutting edges and corners and All-metal Back Plate
All of the Skyworth Google TV variant, the SUE6700 series will featuring a boundless screen 4.0 that enable a higher screen to body ratio, all metal back plate, a twin towers design stand and a diamond cutting edges and corners. Please refer to the image above for your references.

Skyworth Eye Care Google TV

Skyworth Eye Care Google TV
With built-in eye protection mode, you can not only watch movies in eye protection mode, but also set the viewing duration independently to prevent endless watching.

Flicker Free

Flecker Free Vs Conventional Screen
By changing the dimming mode and directly using the DC dimming mode, invisible flicker hazards can be effectively avoided.

Flicker is a common phenomenon in electronic devices, that is why people always say don’t use them too much’. For solving this problem, we adopt the flicker-free technology, to eliminate the flicker.

For Demonstration:

TUV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification
Android - Turn on the camera's professional mode-adjust the Sec shutter speed to 1/4000 or higher; increase the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 4000.

iPhone - Downloading the "Lightroom" mailbox and registering, click on the lower left corner of the phone to shoot–adjust the Sec shutter speed to a maximum of 1/6400; adjust the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 2500.

Flicker Free Certification - Showing the certification of the flicker free. Please refer to image above.

Low Blue Light

Low Blue Light Certification
Adjust the band of blue light emitted by the lamp bead, and adopt the lamp that conforms to the wavelength specification, so as to greatly reduce the harm to the human eye.

With adopts special bulbs, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful blue light in the 415nm-455nm band, thereby reduce the harm of blue light to human body.

And now it has obtained relevant international certification.

For Demonstration:
How to Verify The Blue Light?
Using a blue light detector, prove the presence of blue light by the shadows’ color. If you don't have a tool to verify it, you can describe blue light by searching papers or articles on the Internet.

What Is Blue Light? And What Produce Blue Light? 
Blue light is visible light with a wavelength between 400 and 500 nanometers (nm). As the name suggests, this type of light is perceived as blue in color. Not all blue light is harmful, only the 415nm to 455nm range of blue light is harmful.

Human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Except daylight produce the blue light, the Computer and laptop screens, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, and tablets all use LED technologies with high amounts of blue light. 

High-energy blue light can penetrate directly into our eyes and cause a variety of discomfort and illness.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

By adding nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agent in the material of the remote, the silver ions in the controller will react with the bacteria active on the remote, resulting in the inactivation of bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of bacteriostatic.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more and more aware of health and safety. Use bacteriostatic remote controls and enjoy healthy movies together.

Skyworth Google TV Remote Function

Google TV Remote each button function explained
1. Power - turn the Google TV "ON" or to standby mode.
2. Mic or Google Assistant - use it to start using the near field voice function. Short press to wake up the voice assistant. Long press to start receiving your voice command. After you speak, release button to run voice function.
3. Account - use this button to sign in with your Google account to get all the entertainment you want.
4. Dashboard - use this button to access your Google TV Dashboard.
5. OK - use to confirm, enter or execute the selected item or show the list of Quick Button.
6. Navigation Buttons (Up Down Left Right) - use to navigate the menu to select the content you need or
  • press left or right button to change local channels.
  • press down button once to access INFO interface.
  • press down button twice to access EPG interface in DTV mode.
7. Home - Access the home screen of your Google TV.
8. Guide - access the electronic program guide in DTV mode.
9. Back - return to upper-level content, or exit the current screen or operation.
10. Mute - mute or restore the TV sound.
11. Volume Up or Down - use to adjust the sound volume.
12. Source - use to access the source menu.
13. Application Buttons - use to access specific applications quickly and directly.
14. Compound Button - short press is to set or start the function of shortcut key. long press is to open the virtual keyboard including number buttons, color buttons and so on...

Skyworth Google TV

The latest Google system is an update based on Android 11 introduced by Google. Compared to Android, the Google system is designed exclusively for TV users.

service situation in Google‘s region, it be divided into three versions, which are full, Lite and Basic. Currently, except for Lite in India, other branches use Basic mode. The main difference is that the modules of the ‘Top navigation bar’ are different.

According to the service situation in Google‘s region, it be divided into three versions, which are full, Lite and Basic. Currently, except for Lite in India, other branches use Basic mode. The main difference is that the modules of the ‘Top navigation bar’ are different. Please refer to the image above.

Daily Shortcuts

Our TV has a built-in floating window, which brings together commonly used commands to make it easier and faster for you to use. At the same time, it will also push your recently used app at the bottom to help you quickly open your favorite app.

Speed up, it can clean up the background quickly with one click; and Display off, it allows you to turn off the screen and listen to music with one click; Sleep Time, it can directly set the TV sleep time; the Virtual Keyboard, it can quickly call the virtual keyboard, as you want to change channels.

Professional System

UI layout

  • Content organized in topical clusters.
  • Increase the top tab navigation bar, cancel the application icon on the left.
  • And the background is more immersion.

Dual-screen Preview

Presentation is more intuitive.

The single-screen display of the setting interface has been upgraded to dual-screen preview, which is more intuitive and more convenient to operate.

Health Platform Help You Watch TV With A Healthier Way

Eye Protection

The chip-based algorithm detects the scene brightness of TV content and intelligently adjusts the backlight.

Auto Volume Control:

It provides a built-in volume equalizer intelligently adjusts the volume to avoid sudden volume changes that cause panic.


Through the health platform, consumers can be shown three built-in health Settings of TVS. The night mode can be customized to set the time, and Eye Protection and Auto Volume Control can choose to follow the night mode, or can be manually turned on and off. It is a user-friendly feature for consumers. Effectively prevent uncontrolled viewing, put an end to procrastination.

【Process】 Entering 【System】 from 【Setting】, selecting 【Health】 window to display the health platform.

DTS Studio Sound

For DTS, it can provide three ways to adjust, such as the enable, surround and truvolume, the users can according to themselves feeling to adjust. And with two 10w monomer speakers, DTS optimizes the audio performance, producing a rich, clear, and fascinating sound experience for you to enjoy.
SUE76000 Series DTS Studio Sound

In the state of playing music, turn on the Sound Settings to demonstrate the function of DTS Studio Sound, so that consumers can intuitively feel the difference.
Setting ➤ Display & Sound ➤ Sound ➤ DTS Studio Sound

Daily Manage
How to keep the TV in a healthier state is to clean it regularly.

There are two ways to open Daily Manage, one is to go to Daily Shortcuts and the other is to enter Settings, as shown on the left.

Our TV will open the cleaning entrance to the user, so that the user can know the running state of the TV in real time, but also to a certain extent can improve the service life of the TV.

Far-filed Voice Control

Through voice interaction, let TV tell you the latest information, weather, play popular music, movies, so that your life is no longer boring, you can talk with it at any time.

  • "What time is it?" "
  • "What day is it today? "
  • "What's the weather like today?”
  • ”Play a music!”

***Note:USA/Germany/Italy/Vietnam/India/Indonesia supports Hands-free voice control

Thailand/Philippines/Malaysia/Hong Kong supports Remote voice control


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