Skyworth 4K 50 inch (50SUE6800 & 50SUE6700) Google TV Product Review

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Skyworth 4K 50 inch Google TV
Skyworth 50SUE6800 and 50SUE6700 4K Google TV

This coming August and the coming last quarter of year 2022, Skyworth Philippines will introduce 3 different model of 4K Google TV here in the country. Google TV is exclusively designed for TV users. And the line up for the year 2022 model of Skyworth 4K 50 inch Google TV are the following;

Skyworth 50SUE6700 4K Google TV

Skyworth 50SUE6800 4K Google TV

What's the Different Between 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800?

The differences between Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google TV models 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 can be distinguish on there model name only. Both are 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 houses all discussed features in this post "Reasons you BUY Skyworth 4K Google TV?".

And when it comes to specs, cool features, software, components and parts. Both models as 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Skyworth 50" 4K Google TV shares the same features, software, parts and components.

Skyworth 50SUE7600 Actual Image

What is Google TV?

Google TV is the latest Google system is an update based on Android 11 introduced by Google. Compared to Android, the Google system is designed exclusively for TV users. Google TV is;

More convenient home page:
Delete App icons, Add the top guide bar. Can open Apps on the home page.

Easier interactive menu: 
Integrate TV and System setting into one page.

More intelligent user experience: 
Intelligent content push, seamless viewing across devices, child mode.

Massive Resources
Google is the world‘s largest network platform, with 8,000 +apps serving more than 190 countries and supporting 1 billion+ ecological devices. Cloud games, Google Wallpapers, video calling, multiple login accounts, kids zone, and a variety of popular apps, if only you want to download, then you can enjoy.

Professional System
  • UI layout
  • Dual-screen Preview
UI layout
  • Content organized in topical clusters
  • Increase the top tab navigation bar, cancel the application icon on the left.
  • And the background is more immersion.

Dual-screen Preview
  • Presentation is more intuitive
  • The single-screen display of the setting interface has been upgraded to dual-screen preview, which is more intuitive and more convenient to operate.

Tailored For You
  • Daily Cast
  • Cast Play
  • Daily Key
  • Daily Manage

Daily Cast

Android screen casting no need for active Wi-Fi to connect. Cast your phone content into big screen.

Cast Play

Display iOS and Android screen casting channels together, users can quickly select the channel they want to use, and there are corresponding operation instructions, making screen casting easier.

Daily Key

Reserve a hotkey for the user, can be arbitrarily associated with the relevant Settings, App, personalized TV for you.

Daily Manage

A feature that allows you to control the TV situation in real time, clean it on time, and ensure the smoothness of use, extend the service life of the TV to some extent.

What is the Difference Between Google TV and Android TV?

When it comes to user interface (UI) layout Google TV top navigation bar content is organized in topical cluster. While the Android TV left apps icon content is hidden within the apps.

Google TV allows a dual-screen preview, makes presentation is more intuitive. While Android TV is limited only to single screen display.

For library, Google TV mobile access to content which allow user to add to watch-list from Google TV UI or from browser via search. A feature that seamless viewing is allows across all your devices. This is not available on Android TV.

Google TV has a feature called "Kids Profile" which separate kids mode, helping you guide kids to age-appropriate content. And the "Ambient Mode" which allow user to select their favorite Google Photo to enjoy when TV is idle. Those feature the Kids Profile and Ambient Mode is not available to Android TV. 

Skyworth 50" 4K Google TV Product Review

Both models ( 50SUE6700 & 50SUE6800 ) of Skyworth 50 inch Google TV that is available here in the Philippines, is running on Basic Google TV System.

Both Skyworth 50 inch Google TV (50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800)  are featuring 4K resolution and is powered by a powerful MediaTek MT906 processor with 2GB RAM and a 16GB internal storage media to install apps from Google play store. Since it is a Google TV, access to Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services is made easy.

Skyworth 50 inch Google TV Sound Quality

Both Skyworth 50" 4K Google TV models (50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800) is equipped with two (2) 10 watts down firing monomer speaker system. And it's featuring Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Audio, and DTS Studio Sound. This is to optimizes the audio performance to produce a rich, clear and fascinating sound that you will truly love.

Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Audio

Dolby Digital Plus is an audio technology based on Dolby Digital 5.1, it is an advanced surround sound audio technology that enables to experience across home theaters, smartphones, operating systems, and browsers. 

And for Dolby Audio, the details are everything. It is optimized across your devices so you won’t miss a single detail no matter where you’re watching This time, we equipped with the Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Audio together in our TVS, to improve users sound experience.

How to Test Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Audio on TV?

To test this feature on Skyworth 50" 4K Google TV (50SUE6700 & 50SUE6800) play some music which is dynamic type, it focuses on the dynamic sound effects of music, and the TV's sound volume without turning up too much, then you can enjoy the shocking sound effects, because of the speakers effect.

DTS Studio Sound

The DTS Studio Sound provides three ways to adjust such as, the enable, surround and truvolume. The user can choose or adjust manually on this feature according to their mood and feeling. And with the two 10 watts monomer speakers, DTS Studio Sound truly optimizes the audio performance, producing a rich, clear, and fascinating sound experience for you to enjoy.

How to activate DTS Studio Sound Feature of Skyworth Google TV?

To activate the DST Studio Sound on Skyworth 50-inch 4K Google TV (50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800you need to do the following; 

Using your Google TV original remote, press "Home" then "Settings" then "Display & Sound" then "Sound" then "DTS Studio Sound" and finally, select "Enable".

Coocaa 55Y72 Google TV Sound Quality Enable DTS Studio Sound

Skyworth 50-inch 4K Google TV  Picture Quality

To complement the awesomeness of it's sound, Skyworth (50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800) 4K Google TV offers 60Hz refresh rate and featuring eye protection for healthier family movie bonding. All is because of the AI algorithm that detects the scene brightness and intelligently adjust the back-light to fight the hazards of electronics product.

Three Main Hazards of Electronic Products

  • Flicker
  • Blue Light
  • Addictive
Flicker is a major cause of eye strain. And the harmful blue light can cause lesions in the muscular area of the eye. Finally, becoming addictive, since it is really hard for an adults or a children to resist the temptation of electronic devices.

Skyworth 50 inch Three Solutions For Main Hazards

  1. Flicker Free
  2. Low Blue Light
  3. Health Platform

Flicker Free
By changing the dimming mode and directly using the DC dimming mode, invisible flicker hazards can be effectively avoided.

Low Blue Light
Adjust the band of blue light emitted by the lamp bead, and adopt the lamp that conforms to the wavelength specification, so as to greatly reduce the harm to the human eye.

Health Platform
With built-in eye protection mode, you can not only watch movies in eye protection mode, but also set the viewing duration independently to prevent endless watching.

Skyworth Google TV Eye Care Flicker Free

EYE CARE starts from eye protection, indicating that the Skyworth protects the eyes of users, and also pays attention to the users themselves.

Refining the meaning of protection and care jointly conveyed by CARE and LOVE, and conveying the brand's eye protection function to protect users' eyes, not only the protection of users' health, but also Skyworth's love for users themselves.

Flicker is a common phenomenon in electronic devices, that is why people always say ‘don’t use them too much’. For solving this problem, we adopt the flicker-free technology, to eliminate the flicker.

How to Verify or Test Flicker Free Google TV?

By using your Android mobile phone camera, turn on the camera's professional mode-adjust the Sec shutter speed to 1/4000 or higher; increase the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 4000.

Also if your an iPhone user, download the "Lightroom" mailbox and registering, click on the lower left corner of the phone to shoot–adjust the Sec shutter speed to a maximum of 1/6400; adjust the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 2500.

Skyworth 50" Google TV Flicker Free Certification

Since I don't satisfied with the test I've done, and I want copy of Flicker Free certification so, I request for a certification for the following Google TV model that is available here in the Philippines;
  • Skyworth 50SUE6700 4K Google TV 

  • Skyworth 50SUE6800 4K Google TV

For the downloadable and pdf version of flicker free certification  "Certificate No. Q 50536587 0001", please refer to this link: CN22-50 Flicker Free.pdf

What Is Blue Light? And What Produce Blue Light?

Blue light is visible light with a wavelength between 400 and 500 nanometers (nm). As the name suggests, this type of light is perceived as blue in color. Not all blue light is harmful, only the 415nm to 455nm range of blue light is harmful.

Human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Except daylight produce the blue light, the Computer and laptop screens, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, and tablets all use LED technologies with high amounts of blue light. 

High-energy blue light can penetrate directly into our eyes and cause a variety of discomfort and illness.

What Harm Does Harmful Blue Light Cause?
  • Digital Eyestrain.
  • Interfere with Sleep.
  • Digital Eyestrain.
  • Using digital devices up close or for long periods can lead to digital eyestrain. 
  • Interfere with sleep.
Blue light in the evening hours, people’s bodies don’t release as much melatonin, and their sleep cycles are delayed or disrupted.

Low Blue Light
The following Skyworth 50" Google TV models 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 adopts special bulbs, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful blue light in the 415nm-455nm band. Thereby it help reduce the harm of the blue light to our body. 

How to verify if Google TV is legit low on blue light?

To Verify the low blue light on the TV, use a blue light detector, prove the presence of blue light by the shadows color. If you don't have a tool to verify it, you can describe blue light by searching papers or articles on the Internet.

Skyworth 50" Google TV Low Blue Light Certification

Since I don't have the tools, blue light detector so, I request for a low blue light certification for the following Google TV model that is available here in the Philippines;
  • Skyworth 50SUE6700 4K Google TV 

  • Skyworth 50SUE6800 4K Google TV

For the downloadable and pdf version of low blue light certification  "Certificate No. Q 50536586 0001", please refer to this link: CN22-50 low Blue Light.pdf

Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google LED TV Health Care Features

In the first World Vision Report, released in October 2019, the World Health Organization noted that visual impairments affect at least 2.2 billion people. 

In 2020, according to the Vision Report, the total number of people with visual impairment increased to 2.6 billion, with the highest prevalence of myopia in high-income countries in the Asia-Pacific region (53.4 %), followed by East Asia (51.6%).

Through the Skyworth (50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800) 50 inch Google TV health platform, consumers can be shown two built-in health Settings of TVS. The night mode can be customized to set the time, and Eye Protection can choose to follow the night mode, or can be manually turned on and off. 

Eye Protection
The chip-based algorithm detects the scene brightness of TV content and intelligently adjusts the backlight.

It is a user-friendly feature for consumers. Effectively prevent uncontrolled viewing, put an end to procrastination. To activate this feature you need to do the following;

To activate this feature you need to do the following. With your Google TV original remote control Go to "Home" > "Settings" > "System" > "Health" > "Eye Protection" > "ON".

Coocaa 55Y72 Picture Quality Enable Eye Protection Features

Follow Night mode
  1. Watching movies at night, too bright?
  2. Can't stop watching TV?
  3. Kids crying after you turn off cartoons?
Night mode can automatically adjust the screen color to a warmer tone, so as to relieve eye fatigue and protect the eyes of family members. 

Night mode is the perfect way to solve these problems! When watching movies at night, set the night mode to make the TV brightness more suitable for the night viewing environment. 

At the same time, you can set the viewing time according to the existing viewing habit, and at the same time, you can also set the corresponding viewing time for children to develop a good watching habit.

Skyworth 50" Google TV Picture Quality Review

In addition, to give you a full entertainment and superb viewing experience, a Filmmaker Mode and Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AIPQ Engine has come to action. 

For a brief introduction on this features, the Chameleon Extreme is Skyworth's latest generation of cloud-based AI picture quality technology that continuously updates and enhances the TV’s movie and action sports viewing experience. 

While the filmmaker mode delivers the movies and TV shows to the way the filmmaker is intended. The awesomeness of Skyworth 4K Google TV models 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 don't just stop there, a HDR 10 HLG comes to complement it!

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine is Skyworth's latest generation cloud-based AI picture quality technology that continuously updates and enhance the Google TV movie and action sports viewing experience.

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 Engine Clear Beauty of Every Detail

This is a built-in professional image quality processing engine, every frame is a wonderful scene in which it upgrade the image quality to more realistic and clearer, known as super resolution. 

On the other hand, the contrast enhancement feature will adjust images in 2,304 subareas to enhance contrast, improving image quality and layering.

Dynamic Remodel

This feature is made possible through AI algorithm that remove image noise, making it more pure and delicate images.

AI Self-Adaption

Also known as smart recognition of complexion adjustment, this feature will makes all characters good-looking.

Filmmaker Mode

The filmmaker mode will enables a more cinematic experience on UHD TV's by disabling all post-processing so the movie or TV show is displayed as it was intended by the film maker. This feature will let you experience blockbuster movies at home.

Currently, the filmmaker mode is widely used in LG, Samsung, BENQ, PHILIPS, Skyworth and Panasonic Brands.

HDR10 and HLG

HDR10 & HLG expansion image quality improvement

8.29-megapixel high-quality LED screen, equipped with the technology of HDR10 & HLG expansion image quality improvement, provides you a fresh blooming vision.


High-Dynamic-Range Video, referred to as HDR10, Its main function is to improve the contrast of dynamic pictures.


The Hybrid Log-gamma(HLG), is a transfer function jointly developed by the BBC and NHK for HDR display, at same time, it's backward compatible with the transfer function of SDR.

Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google TV Review Philippine Models!

In this short technical review, I will only show or tell you the actual images, exciting experience and worst nightmare I experienced with the following Skyworth 50 Variant 4K Google TV 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800.

Skyworth 50 inch Google TV operating system is based on Android 11 OS. All of it's components and parts are all coming from Skyworth head quarter in China and assemble in the Philippines. Therefore, it is Made in China and assemble in the Philippines! 

Back Cover Design

Like it's bigger variant, the Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google TV or the 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800  back cover is made of galvanized sheet painted in black to resemble all metal black plate that comes with cross bar design. Since nobody is focusing so much with the back cover, then we do. 

The all-metal body is sturdy and durable, it also can better heat dissipation, to a certain extent can prolong the service life. But to be honest all electronics of any brand nowadays is design to last up to 2 years only.

The downside of this design will be connected on how frequent you do the dusting or cleaning. If neglected, this back cover will accumulate more dust compare to a plain back cover design.

Diamond Edge Design

This is in my opinion a great design, overall impression there is no downside to this design! Hope you guys agree with me.

The glass is directly attached to the metal bracket, it can reduce the accumulation of dust. And with diamond cutting edges and corners, it looks more artist. 

Power Supply Port

Unlike the bigger variant, Skyworth 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Google TV,  50 inch 4K variant port is located at the side which is in my opinion it is easy access. And if you need a replacement I urge you to buy only the original power cord to prevent fire. Just ask us where to buy one since, there are substandard power cord sold out there with a cheap tag price.

Available 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Ports

Skyworth 50" Google TV models 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 is rich when comes to ports and access points. And these are the actual ports as follows; Digital Audio Out, 3 HDMI Port, 2 USB Port, Antenna Port and a 3.5mm Jack. Please refer to the image above.

Manual Power and Mic On/Off Button

Manual power and Mic On / Off button, light indicator for both power on mode, standby mode, and far field voice control is showing in front. 

Through this, voice interaction made possible, it let Google TV to tell me the latest information, weather, play popular music, movies, so that your life is no longer boring, you can talk with it at any time.

Boundless 4.0 Design

The edge design is truly stunning, truly boundless screen 4.0 design provide a higher screen to body proportion. Giving you wider and bigger screen looks.

The full screen technology, with nearly 98.6% screen-to-bezel ratio, provides a more immersive viewing experience.

Down Firing Speakers System

This design is known as the down firing speaker design that comes with two (2) 10 watts monomer speakers, DTS optimizes the audio performance, producing a rich, clear, and fascinating sound experience for you to enjoy.

Facing Skyworth 50 inch Google TV

Skyworth 4K 50 inch Google TV

This is an actual images of Skyworth 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Google TV stand proud with it's twin tower stands. It is perfect to all household living room and table but, in my opinion hang it on the wall makes it more elegant and space saver. Below is the stands actual image.
This is the actual image of the twin tower design Skyworth Google TV to be proud upon. It gives an elegant look to any households living quarter.

Skyworth 50" 4K Google TV Parts and Components

When I open the back of Skyworth 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Google TV, this is exactly what I see and how it's look like. It contains the power supply, mainboard, T-con Board, LVDS Connector, Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter, Built-in Wi-Fi Dongle, Speaker, and Manual Button.

50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Backlight Assembly

Backlight main function is to produce light behind the TFT. Usually, back-light is made of Light Emitting Diode or LED, this is why it called LED TV.  Defective back-light usually resulting to uneven display or no display. Please refer to the above image for your reference.

50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Diffuser

Usually installed on top of back-light. The function of diffuser is to equally distributes light produces by LED bulb. The Uneven or crumpled diffuser may result to uneven color which usually cause a shadow effects. 

Dirt on diffuser sometimes become a suspected dead pixel. Above is the actual image of diffuser found on this model of Skyworth Google TV.

Bluetooth 5.1 Adapter 

This is the 5.1 Bluetooth adapter of Skyworth Google TV model 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 a parts that made a feature called two way connection. Please refer to the image above for your reference.

Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

Two-way Bluetooth, TV can be both output device and input device, whatever auditory feast you want, can be instantly selected 5.1 The direction-finding algorithm has been upgraded to accurately identify and measure devices, making the connection more rapid. 

At the same time, the cache function has been updated, that is, the previously connected devices can be quickly connected when they are turned on without being cleared. All these have brought better and more convenient experiences to users.

Connect your mobile phone to your TV‘s Bluetooth, this is how easy it is to operate bidirectional Bluetooth, and turn your TV into a large stereo immediately. Try to imagine that if you have a TV-like as it, then you can have a fun and relaxing weekend.

Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter

This is the Built-in Wi-Fi Dongle of Skyworth 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 that featuring both 2.4 G and 5.0 G. Please refer to the image above for your reference.

Set of 6 ohms 10 watts Speaker System

50SUE670050SUE6800, and 50SUE7600 has a set of 6 ohms 10 watts down firing speaker system install in Skyworth LED Google TV that produce crisp and real life sound. Please refer to the image above for your reference. 

50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Integrated Board or Motherboard

This is the mainboard or motherboard or integrated board assembly of both Skyworth models 50SUE6700 and 50SUE68000 Google TV, it is where the brain of the TV resides. A defective mainboard is easy to replace. Please refer to the image above for your reference.

LVDS Connector from T-Con to Mainboard

This is how a 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 LVDS connector look like when alone. It serve as an information bridge between mainboard and T-Con. Please refer to the image above for your reference.

LVDS Connector from T-Con to PCBI Board

While this is 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 two the LVDS connector down here are the information bridge connecting T-Con and PCBI Board. Please refer to the image above for an actual photo of LVDS.

Manual Button and Mic On / Off Switch

This is a 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 manual button, Mic Controls or switch on or off and light indicator assemble look like. Please refer to the image above for your reference.

T-Con Board

This is how a T-Con board of 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 look like when LVDS and other connectors are removed. Usually this T-Con is connected to PCBI and Integrated Board or Motherboard while others call it mainboard using LVDS Connector Please refer to the image above for your reference.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

By adding nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agent in the material of the 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 remote, the silver ions in the controller will react with the bacteria active on the remote, resulting in the inactivation of bacteria, so as to achieve the effect of bacteriostatic.

The Antibacterial Skyworth Remote Control

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more and more aware of health and safety. Use bacteriostatic remote controls and enjoy healthy movies together.

Skyworth 50 inch Google TV Remote Function

Google TV Remote each button function explained
1. Power - turn the Google TV "ON" or to standby mode.
2. Mic or Google Assistant - use it to start using the near field voice function. Short press to wake up the voice assistant. Long press to start receiving your voice command. After you speak, release button to run voice function.
3. Account - use this button to sign in with your Google account to get all the entertainment you want.
4. Dashboard - use this button to access your Google TV Dashboard.
5. OK - use to confirm, enter or execute the selected item or show the list of Quick Button.
6. Navigation Buttons (Up Down Left Right) - use to navigate the menu to select the content you need or
  • press left or right button to change local channels.
  • press down button once to access INFO interface.
  • press down button twice to access EPG interface in DTV mode.
7. Home - Access the home screen of your Google TV.
8. Guide - access the electronic program guide in DTV mode.
9. Back - return to upper-level content, or exit the current screen or operation.
10. Mute - mute or restore the TV sound.
11. Volume Up or Down - use to adjust the sound volume.
12. Source - use to access the source menu.
13. Application Buttons - use to access specific applications quickly and directly.
14. Compound Button - short press is to set or start the function of shortcut key. long press is to open the virtual keyboard including number buttons, color buttons and so on...

How to pair 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Bluetooth Remote to TV?

To the 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 Bluetooth 5.1 remote to Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google TV. Just press the Mic or Google Assistant button which is also use to start using the near field voice function.

Hold for at least 3 second to pair automatically on the Skyworth 50 inch 4K Google TV. You only pair it one time, because once paired, it will automatically pair every time the TV is power On.

Energy Label Television Set EER

Indicated in the energy label pertains to the rated EEF of Television

Refers to the ratio of the viewing screen area or the luminous area in square meters to the total energy consumption in kWh.
EEF = viewing screen size (m2 ) / total energy consumption (kWh)

Product’s star rating, which is based on the EEF and it’s stated on the energy label.

Energy Efficiency Performance Rating (EEPR) For Television Table

Skyworth 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800  Google TV Specs:

Picture Quality
Chameleon Extreme 2,0
Filmmaker mode

Sound Quality
Dolby Digital Plus & Dolby Audio
DTS Studio Sound
Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

Google Assistant
HDMI2.0 x 3
USB2.0 x 2

OS: Android 11 (Google TV)

Health Care TV(Flicker free ; Low Blue Light; Health Platform ; The antibacterial remote control); Professional Google TV(Daily Family)

It is same for me now to discuss what I like and don't like with this Skyworth model the one they call Skyworth Google TV 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 I see it all, the only downside in this model is the back cover, since it is only made out of galvanized sheet to cut cost. 

Downside for me since this kind of metal it is not strong as what we expected. It curved outward when I pulled out and curved onward every time I pushes it. Therefore, with the weight it have, wall mounting it will deform the back cover a little bit outward.

But overall, this Skyworth Google TV with model name 50SUE6700 and 50SUE6800 is a beauty. The basic version of Google system doesn't affect it's feature.