Most trusted Electronics Service Center in Daet, Camarines Norte and Nearby Area.

Are you the owner of brand new Skyworth or Coocaa Smart TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine or any home appliances? And worrying about your after sale service, it's because your home residence is in the province, Camarines Norte to be exact. Then worry no more, because one of the finest and most trusted Authorized Electronics Service Center is in your place!

3D Electronics and General Merchandise Certificate of Accreditation
3D Electronics and General Merchandise is one of the most trusted Authorized Service Center of Skyworth, Coocaa, Hisense, Devant, Camel Appliances and other appliances brand in Camarines Norte and Nearby Area. Beside of being an authorized service center, they are also accepting all other appliances for repair. 3D Electronics is own Own by Mr. Zaldy Banal and located at #1863 Argente St. Brgy. Salcedo, Daet, Camarines Norte, nearest landmark is "Daet Apartel Hotel".

3D Electronics is an Authorized Server Center of the Following Brand


Offer Service as Follows;

  • LED TV Repair
  • LED TV Wall Bracket Installation
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Washing Machine Repair
  • Aircon Installation and Cleaning

3D Electronics Contact Details:

Contact Person: Mr. Zaldy Banal

Contact Number: 0932-198-7009

Business Address: #1863 Argente St. Brgy. 8 (Salcedo), Daet, Camarines Norte, nearest landmark is "Daet Apartel Hotel"

Does the 3D Electronics Service Center is a legitimate and registered business? 

The Answer is absolutely "YES", it's because in order for an individual or organization to become an authorized service center they need to provide all of the following requirement;

  1. Business Registration
  2. Local Government Permits
  3. DTI Consumer Service, 2 to 5 Star Accreditation
  4. BIR Registration
  5. Service Shop Insurance
  6. TESDA  NC2 Certificate / Consumer Electronics Technician Certificate

Therefore, all of 3D Electronics field technicians are qualified and competent, TESDA certified, and, are, of good moral character. They are also acquired Product Service Competency Certification from Skyworth, Coocaa and other brand. This is to ensure that the expertise of 3D Electronics Service Center technical staff is updated.

3D Electronics also provide and has an adequate number of customer support staff, which will do competitive customer handling, warranty validation and performing the following tasks;

  1. Customer Reception (Walk-In & Call-In)
  2. Warranty Validation & Collection of Copy of Proof of Warranty
  3. Receiving Inspection
  4. Repair Estimate
  5. Defective Parts Replacement, Service Alignment and Adjustments
  6. Post Service Delivery Inspection

Are they (3D Electronics) accepting home service? 

Yes, 3D Electronics do home service for all the products they are carrying as authorized service centers. Check-up, set-up demo, check-up, test, adjustment, set-up and repair including delivery or pull out.

However, if your appliances brand is not included on the list, please see above this post "3D Electronics is an Authorized Server Center of the Following Brand". My advice, do call 3D Electronics first to set an appointment (Home Service).

Where to buy Hisense, Devant, Skyworth and Coocaa Original Remote and Accessories in Camarines Norte?

3D Electronics and General Merchandise is also an authorized seller of Skyworth and Coocaa parts and accessories which includes;

List of TV Remote Available at 3D Electronics

  • Skyworth Android Remote
  • Coocaa Android Remote
  • Skyworth Smart Remote
  • Coocaa Smart Remote
  • Skyworth Basic Remote
  • Coocaa Basic Remote
  • Hisense Remote
  • Devant Remote

List of TV Parts and Accessories Available in 3D Electronics

  • Skyworth TV Power Supply
  • Skyworth TV Mainboard
  • Skyworth TV Wall Bracket
  • Skyworth TV Power Cord
  • Coocaa TV Mainboard
  • Coocaa TV Power Supply
  • Coocaa TV Wall Bracket
  • Hisense TV Power Supply
  • Hisense TV Mainboard
  • Devant TV Power Supply
  • Devant TV Mainboard
  • Camel Appliances Parts and Accessories


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