Skyworth 2022 Model the SUE67 Series Google TV Review!

For eye and for you, Skyworth's tagline for 2022. This is because our all new SUE series models will be featuring an eye care protection and more exciting new features. Comes in seven (7) different sizes to choose from that starts with 43-inch for the smallest variants and 86-inch for the largest Skyworth variant for this year.

Models Names as follows:

  • 43SUE6700
  • 50SUE6700
  • 55SUE6700
  • 65SUE6700
  • 70SUE6700
  • 77SUE6700
  • 75SUE6700
  • 86SUE6700
And it will featuring the following;

  1. Boundless Screen 4.0
  2. Eye Care
  3. Flicker Free
  4. Low Blue Light
  5. Anti-bacterial Remote Control
  6. Daily Shortcut
  7. Eye Protection
  8. DTS Studio Sound
  9. Far Field Voice Control


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