How to Update Skyworth 75SUC8100 4K Android LED TV Software?

This is a response post to this email request;

"Good morning, I am from Bolivia, at Christmas I bought the 75SUC8100 tv, until today I have not received any system update, I saw in some forums that the update to android 10 is already being distributed to other series or models, but my tv does not get any type of update or security patch.

I would also like to ask, if there is any way that 5.1 sound can be sent from the devices connected to the HDMI ports, I have a home theater and I connect the tv through toslink, but only Netflix and the media player give 5.1 sound while the HDMI devices can only be heard in stereo.

Please, could you send me a link to download any update that may work well on my 75SUC8100 TV?" Read more>>>


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