How to remove Skyworth "M Mode" on Display (UB55 and TB7000 Series) only!

M Mode means "Factory Mode or the hot key is turn "ON". It is usually appear on your Smart TV screen (please refer to the image above for your reference) and is not a warning of certain defect or cause a serious abnormality that lead to defect. However, is cause obstruction while watching your favorite streaming videos online or local TV channel.

Kindly refer to the step by step instruction below that come with an actual image to make it easy to follow. To turn off the hot key in order remove the annoying "M Mode" on your screen instructions are as follows;

1. On your original Skyworth Remote control, press "Source 3195" to enter the Factory Setting.

2. Then using locate "System Setting" and press "OK". Please refer to the image below;

3. By default Smart TV's with M Mode on the screen HOTKEY is turn ON. Therefore, on this step kindly locate HOTKEY and turn it OFF using your remote's left arrow key's button. Please refer to the image below for your reference.

4. If you follow the step number 3 correctly, then the result should like the image below;

5. Finally, returning to your Live TV, M Mode is now remove and never to appear again until you manually turn it on again.


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