Skyworth 65SUD7500 4K Android 10.0 TV Review


2021 Skyworth 65SUD7500 4K Android 10.0 TV far field voice control.

65SUD7500 Features

1. Infinity Screen, Borderless Design 2. Android 10.0, With Far Field Voice Control 3. Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine

SKYWORTH is a technology leader of 8 Year Evolution of Infinity Screen,first Brand Launched this advanced design in Philippine Market on 2019.

Less Frame, Wider Screen

Android 10.0 Operating System

User interface friendly. Lastest Video Coding Technology-AV1. FF Google Assistant / AIOT.

What is AV1 Latest Decoding?

Being equipped with the latest generation of video codec standard - AV1, the compression rate can be increased by 30%, making video playing faster under the same image compression quality.

Far Field Voice Control.

Voice control beyond 5 meter distance, easy control wherever you are. Farewell to remote control.

Google Ecological AIOT Platform

One button interconnection makes it easy to control all your appliances at home. Commands like "Start cleaning the room', "Open the air conditioner", "Turn on the living room lights".

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AIPQ Engine is Skyworth’s latest generation cloud based AI picture quality technology that continuously updates and enhances the TV’s movie and action sports viewing experience.

Built-in professional image quality processing engine, every frame is a wonderful scene.
Super Resolution - upgrade image quality more realistic and clearer.
Contrast Enhancement - Adjust images in 2,304 subareas to enhance contrast, improving image quality and layering.

Dynamic Remodel - Apply AI algorithm to remove image noise making more pure and delicate images.
AI Self-Adaption - Smart recognition of complexion adjustment, making good-looking characters.

4K Pure HDR Restore the Truest Colors

A Skyworth self-developed HDR technology, the video image is rendered to be more life-like, with wider contrast consisting of deeper black levels, and enhanced color highlights.


Enjoy sports and fast action movies with S-Motion compensation technology.

Dolby Audio & DTS StudioSound

With Dolby Audio&DTS StudioSound, TV can set the sound free from the multichannel. Which brings you feel surround sound like a movie theater at home.

Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0

Endless Possibilities of a TV Staying with you for every wonderful day with Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0, more than watching your favorite shows.

To Share
  • Two way audio transmission for mobile and TV
  • TV becomes the external sound-box of a cellphone
  • Family share wonderful contents.

Mirroring or CastPlay

With mobile assistant CastPlay built-in and one-button cast enjoy abundant games and movies, Android and Apple mobile phone screen sharing synchronously supported.

Game Mode

Support various peripheral connection to unlock more fun. 100% Compatible to "Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Speaker and Bluetooth Controller"!

Rich Terminal Interface

Make the TV more than just a TV. It comes with three (3) HDMI ports, Optical port for digital audio output, Two (2) USB port, AV-In, and Ethernet / LAN port.

One Click Direct Access

The remote control equipped with buttons to Netflix,YouTube,Prime Video,Google Play with only one click,makes it easier and faster. Braille characters are included, we attach great importance to every detail.

Skyworth 65SUD7500 Features and Summary:





Infinity Screen, Borderless Desiign

Wider screen, almost 100% all display

Less frame,perfect angle and Better veing experience

Android 10.0 (Operating System)

10.0 Version

More faster, secured and smarter

 better experience and more helpful to the users

Google Play Store

5000+ apps & 1000+ streaming content providers

Can download additional application such as spotify, WeTV , Games and many more

AV1 decoding

2 decoding system (H.265 and AV1)

Less buffering  while playing 4K resolution with
high bit rate

FF Google Assistant

Farfield Voice Control

More detailed,convenient, easy to control & less hassle/
Hands Free,more convinient & easy to command.


Can control Smart devices such as cleaner,humidifierm,lights and many more

Use TV as the center to control all smart devices applicance

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 (Picture Engine)

Super Resolution 

It upgrades the  Image quality to become more realistic and clear

Enjoy watching old classic movies and darker scenes.

Contrast Enhancement

Enhance contarst to improve the image quality and layering

Capture every detail in white area and dark area

Dynamic Remodel

Remove image noise, zigzag issues and enhace the lines and edges

The image and videos become more precise and defined

AI-Self Adaption

Smart recognition of complexion adjustment

Repair the skintone of human to become more  natural and real

4K Resolution (Pure HDR)

Improve pixel quality and enhance color highlights

More colorful & vivid picture

Dobly Audio+DTS Trusound

Stereoscopic surround sound effects

Enjoy Home Theater level audio

Powerful Sound Output: 10W x 10W (50&55)

Louder and better audio performance

Enjoy the cinema effect in your house.

Bluetooth 5.0

Dual Bluetooth and bi-directional communication with (Input and output source)

Only Skyworth Brand has dual bluetooth


Wireless display (Casting, screen mirroring & remote control)

Enjoy sharing comtent wirelessly into bigger screen

Chromecast Built-In

Cast video from online streaming such as netflix or youtube

Watch into a bigger display by sending link & content

QJY Browser & Leankey Keyboard

For Browsing and typing

Additional useful built-in application for easy browsing and typing using different languages

Game mode

Improved amd solved the problem picture delay

Which makes the image such smoother



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