Skyworth 55SUD8500 and 65SUD8500 Farfield 4K Android TV Review

Hi Everyone, my name is Jesson and for today’s post I will be discussing the 2021 Skyworth new models. But before anything else, please allow me to introduce first about SKYWORTH.

Skyworth has been at the forefront of key international hi-tech corporations since 1988 and listed in the HK Stock Exchange (HK0751) in 2000. Through the years, Skyworth was known to be one of the world's top 5 TV brands, leading the future in the field of smart home appliances and information technology with global competitiveness. 

With head quarter located in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, commonly known as “China Silicon Valley”, SKYWORTH is employing more than 40,000 staff worldwide and still counting.

Skyworth has been introduced to the Philippines in 2011 with head office located in 2202 Antel 2000 corporate center in Makati City, Philippines. It's mission is to provide a quality home cinema experience to the lives of every Filipino family.

And until now 2021, it continuously expanding the business to provide quality and remarkable products to the Filipino people and marked as one of the top famous consumer electronics enterprise in the country. Skyworth Philippines is also known as a leader of innovation in the field of TV technology.

On this milestone of ten years of togetherness, Skyworth Philippines offers its thanksgiving deals for SUD8, SUD7, and SUD6 series. 

The above mention series are equipped with durable quality in terms of system performance, physical look, Dolby Audio cinematic sound experience, built-in Android 10.0 with voice control, and the finest 4K UHD and Chameleon Extreme 2.0picture quality engine.


Now let me present to you our flagship model, the SUD8500 Series Far field 4K Android TV. It comes with two different sizes, 55 inches and 65 inches. Two variant to choose from, 55SUD8500 and 65SUD8500, respectively.

120Hz Infinity Screen, Borderless Desiign

Infinity Screen Borderless Design

Wider screen, almost 100% all display


Create clear and smooth picture
Shutter free motion
Add realism

Android 10.0 (Operating System)

10.0 Version

More faster, secured and smarter

Google Play Store

5000+ apps & 1000+ streaming content providers

AV1 decoding

2 decoding system (H.265 and AV1)

FF Google Assistant

Farfield Voice Control


Can control Smart devices such as cleaner, humidifier ,lights and many more

High-End Storage

Quadcore CPU and GPU, with the latest Chip, SKYWORTH TV operation has 32GB Internal Storage improved

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 (Picture Engine)

Super Resolution 

It upgrades the  Image quality to become more realistic and clear

Contrast Enhancement

Enhance contrast to improve the image quality and layering

Dynamic Remodel

Remove image noise, zigzag issues and enhance the lines and edges

AI-Self Adaption

Smart recognition of complexion adjustment

4K Resolution (Pure HDR)

Improve pixel quality and enhance color highlights

Wide Color Gamut

Displays more lifelike


Content plays clearer, smoother and with less motion blur
Helps in increasing the frame rate

Dolby Vision

Delivers HDR pictures
Bolder highlights and Incredible contrast

Dolby Atmos

Stereoscopic surround sound effects

Powerful Sound Output: 10W x 10W (50&55)

Louder and better audio performance

Bluetooth 5.0

Dual Bluetooth and bi-directional communication with (Input and output source)


Wireless display (Casting, screen mirroring & remote control)

Chromecast Built-In

Cast video from online streaming such as netflix or youtube

QJY Browser & Leankey Keyboard

For Browsing and typing

Game mode

Improved amd solved the problem picture delay

3 Features that Gives You a Better Viewing Experience While at Home.

120 Hz Infinity Screen, Borderless Design
Less Frame wider screen and almost 100%, consumer will enjoy the Perfect viewing experience while watching sports and fast action movies.

Skyworth SUD8500 Series (55SUD8500 and 65SUD8500) has Frame Rate of 120 Hz which adds realism, creates clearer and smoother pictures. This in turn gives the viewer a more pleasant and seamless viewing experience. 

As for gamers, they will experience a more immersive gaming environment to make them feel like actually there.

Andriod 10.0 Operating System
SKYWORTH is the first brand that Launched android 10.0 version year 2020 that makes our televisions FASTER, more SECURE, SMARTER and more HELPFUL to the user. 

It comes with Google Play Store that offers you more than 5000+ applications so you can download additional apps such as games, Spotify and access 1000 plus online streaming content providers such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, WeTV and many more.

ANDROID 10.0 is equipped with AV1
The new video codec, that can increase the compression rate up to 30% to reduce buffering while watching 4K resolution movies with high bit rate. 

It is also powered by Google assistant with FARFIELD VOICE CONTROL where we can simply command our TV without using the remote control, by saying “Hey Google” now we can PLAY, CONTROL AND ASSIST

Android can also help you to have a smart life using an AIOT that allows you to control your smart home appliances together in just one command.

Chameleon Extreme 2.0 Picture Quality Engine
If you’re familiar with crystal processor of SAMSUNG, Bravia engine of SONY and Honghu image engine of Huawei. For SKYWORTH SUD8500 is geared with the latest technology of Chameleon Extreme 2.0 PQ engine, that gives the best picture quality output with 4 Functions:
  1. Super resolution- upgrades image quality for a more realistic and clearer picture
  2. Contrast enhancement- Adjusts contrast to improve image quality and layering
  3. Dynamic remodel- Applies algorithm to remove image noise, zigzag issues and enhances the lines and edges
  4. AI self-adaption- Allows smart recognition of complexion adjustment making it looks realistic
Okay, let’s sum up the 3 key features of the SUD8500 variant (120Hz Infinity Screen Borderless Design, Android 10.0 version and Chameleon Extreme 2.0 PQ engine).

4K resolution
This TV is a UHD/4k that has 3840 x 2160 pixels. Which is 4 times Clearer than a FHD TV. I will play some example to see how detailed Images/videos this TV can Provide.

Wide Color Gamut
HOST: Since we talked about realism earlier, The SUD8500 has a Wide Color Gamutthat allows the user to experience a more lifelike view because It has a greater range of colors.

MEMC stands for Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation. With our technology’s more sophisticated MEMC, the user will be able to experience clearer and smoother images with less motion blur. This enhanced MEMC also increases the frame rate which provides viewers and gamers with a more immersive experience.

Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision is an Advancedform of HDR format made by Dolby Laboratories. It gives the user HDR pictures that creates bolder pictures and incredible contrast, making videos more cinematic.

Dolby Atmos
With Dolby Atmos equipped into the unit, the users are immersed in stereoscopic surround sound effects. In turn, the user gets to experience theater-level quality audio from the comfort of their home. The Speaker power output for 50” & 55”- 10x10w and the Speaker power output for For 65” & 70” – 12X12W.

Bluetooth 5.0 Bi-directional Communications
First, is the Bluetooth. Our advantage is that we are using the latest version of 5.0, so what is the difference? Bluetooth 5.0 has a bi- directional communications for multiple devices that support “INPUT” and Output connections. 

Output is the normal function where you can connect your TV to a Bluetooth speaker. Input is when we can connect our phone to the TV and use it as speaker. You can also set your TV to standby mode to save electricity white playing music.

Cast Play and Chromecast
Another high-end feature of this TV is CastPlay& Chromecast. Most of the other TV brands already have built-in Chromecast. What makes us unique is that, SKYWORTH has developed CASTPLAY. It’s an application where you can Cast your screen, Screen Mirror and use our phones as a secondary remote control.

QJY Browser and Leankey Keyboard
For searching and typing, we have these additional features, QJY browser and Leankey Keyboard. With the QJY browser, we can search anything on the internet using the TV. Inside this browser is the lean key keyboard, which provides 9 additional languages used for typing.

Game Mode
If you are a Gamer, you can now enjoy playing games into a bigger screen, by connecting gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, XBOX. Wii etc. to the TV. 
Even playing offline/online games downloaded in Google play store. We can connect Bluetooth controllers and enjoy playing.

Warranty and Service
For the warranty, we’re giving 2 years guarantee for Parts and labor and home service compare to others that is only 1 year. Just dial our hotline # 85551-555 we have 170 Authorized Service Centers nationwide that will gladly assist you.


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