T-Con Problem: Skyworth 55SUC7500, 55SUC7000 and 55SUC6500 No Display with Backlight Problem

Problem persist as follows, TV has no display (black only) with sound and back-light. Please refer to the image show below for your reference.

List of affected models are as follows;

  • 55SUC6500
  • 55SUC7000
  • 55SUC7500

Things to Do?

Need to check the C5N1 and C5N0 Capacitor in TCON Board.

Needed Tools

  • Multi Tester
  • Soldering Iron/Hot Air if Available
  • Soldering Lead

How to Step: 

Kindly checked the following capacitor labeled “C5N1 and C5N0” using VOM (multi-tester) if shorted using continuity. Kindly refer to the image below see Figure 1.

If you found a shorted capacitor, either C5N1 and C5N0 kindly remove it. At the moment it is not necessary replace the defective components.

Kindly assemble back the removed parts to test if the unit is now working properly, otherwise call our hotline number or send an email to your designated coordinator.

Please Note: If no shorted capacitor found in T-con Board the above guide is irrelevant.


  1. Hi, we bought our unit last may 2 in SM Fairview Appliances. Our tv 55suc7000 is now only with backlight and blackscreen, this happeend after a software update. We are planning to take it to love electronics service center but it will take months.. please advise on what to do best. We wanted to try a hard reset button on the tv without using the remote.is that possible? Thank you!


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