Auto Green / Standby Problem: Coocaa 32S3M Software Installation


If you encountered the defect or symptoms as show above with Coocaa 32S3M, then you need to install a fresh operating system, burn new keys and MAC address to your TV.

Defect symptoms are as follows, when the TV plugin to the power source, it's light indicator turns red then green for a while then going back into red. Please refer to the above video for your reference.

In order for you to install the fresh software of Coocaa 32S3M you will need the following;  

Coocaa 32S3M:

Please refer to the video below for step by step software update guide / instructions:

For a complete instruction and downloadable Coocaa 32S3M software. Please visit this post on Tech N TechCoocaa 32S3M Auto Green and Standby Problem Only: Problem Solved by Software Update 


  1. After i do all of those still my coocaa tv freezes when watching a regular tv shows and even changing channels .. The software version still V1.0.0.0 nohings change after installing your coocaa 32S3M software zip.. No netflix app in home app. TED app and YouTube can't even play videos, Fb app froze! Your "customers after buying" responsibilities/relations so poor! No one to contact, no one replying to messages, comments or email.. So DISAPPOINTING!

  2. Is this FW support for 32S3U machine?

  3. This version dont work anymore, please update this version

    1. i am using 32S3U machine so can i use this fw? because fw my machine is crashing


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