How to Update Coocaa 50S6G Android 4K LED TV

 On this post we will provide you the download link and for the the step by step guide will soon to follow:

Please refer to the video below for complete guide.
  1. Prepare a USB Flash (Fat32)
  2. Download all the necessary Software you need.
  3. Move the software into USB Flash root directory.
  4. Unplug the TV from power source.
  5. Insert the USB Flash Drive containing software into USB port 2.0.
  6. Plug-in the TV to power source. 
  7. Power On the TV using remote or manual button
  8. The progress bar appears. It took a roughly 15 minutes to complete the update.
  9. Setup the TV.


  1. This update only for south American country and phillippines only. I tried and my LiveTV not working, and input HDMI, DTV2, ATV etc, become not appear, just missing.. Sound also not comeout.. Could help me on this.. Thanks alot.

  2. Can this software be used with the 65s6g? Please grant permission to download.

  3. Please grant permission to download


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