How to update Skyworth 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 Software and Firmware?


The 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 key feature is the Built-in KTV or Karaoke. However, if it's software and firmware is outdated, it wont work properly.

Therefore, in this post I will show you the step by step process on how to update Skyworth 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 software and firmware. Please refer to the following guide below;

Here are the eight helpful steps on how to update the Skyworth 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 firmware and software. It comes with actual photos

1. Donwload the 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 software and firmware update. Please click this download link:

Software Information:
Language Group:1
Country Group:1
Double Tuner Module:off

2. Move the file "MSD3663T_OB3353_74.bin" to the root file of your flash drive.

***Note: Minimum requirements as follows; USB flash drive format should be Fat32(default), USB 2.0 and with at-least 1 GB free space.

3. Insert the USB Flash drive to Skyworth 43TB2000 or 43TB2050 USB port. USB port usually found at the side of the TV. Please refer to the image below;

4. Using the original Skyworth Remote press "Source 3 1 9 5" to enter the factory settings. Please refer to image below;
Shipping Init
Aging Mode
ADC Adjust
Picture Setting
Sound Setting
General Setting
Panel Setting
EMC Setting
System Info
Board Init
SW Upgrade
Init FAC Channel TBL
Single Key Mode

5. Using the arrow down key button on your remote, select  "SW Upgrade" and press "OK". Please refer to image below;

6. Using the up arrow on your remote select "UPGRADE TV" and press "OK". Please refer to below image;


7. Software Upgrade begins and please pay attention to the following messages "Start to update... Do not plug out AC power!". Please refer to below image;

8. Success! Please Reboot TV! Update Done. Please refer to image below;

After the step 8, it's light indicator remain blinking as green and red. Please unplug the TV from the power and reboot. Besides, don't forget to remove the USB flash drive from the port.

For any question and clarification please feel free to contact us using this form #AskSkyworth and I will personally call you.


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