How to Update Coocaa 42S3G Software and Firmware? "Android LED TV"

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 On this post we will show you how to update the software of  Coocaa 42S3G Android LED TV. Please refer below for the needed tools and step by step installation guide.

Needed Tools:

  1. 8GB or 16GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32)
  2. Coocaa 42S3G Android LED TV Software (1.01GB)

How to update Coocaa 42S3G Android LED TV software and firmware?

  • Download the software from provided link. Coocaa 42S3G 2K Android TV Software and Firmware Download Link
  • Move the software to USB Flash root directory.
  • Unplug the TV (Coocaa 42S3G Android LED TV) from power source.
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive containing software into USB port 2.0. Please refer to the image below;

  • Plug-in the Coocaa 42S3G Android LED TV series from power source. Please refer to the image below;

  • The progress bar appears. Please refer to the image below;

After the software update completed, bugs on the TV will be patched and it will work smoothly. It took a roughly 15 minutes to complete the update. Please watch the video above for more information.


 Q: What happened to the TV after the update?

Ans: All bugs and code flaws will be fixed.

 Q: How long will the update taking place?

Ans: The complete update cycle is take roughly 30 minutes?

 Q: I have a 4GB USB Flash, can I still used it?

Ans: No. It will give you an error message or worst ruin the entire mainboard. Please refer to image below;

Q: I need help on the process and further question or clarification, where can I get it?

Ans: Please call our Software support @ (02)8555-1555 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

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