How to Software Update the Coocaa 32S3M?

 In order for you to update the software of Coocaa 32S3M you will need the following; 

The Coocaa 32S3M and Skyworth 32STC3200 mainboard, software and design is the same. In absent of Skyworth 32STC3200 mainboard, you can use Coocaa 32S3M mainboard or vice versa only LOGO difference. This is because Coocaa is a subsidiaries company of  Skyworth.

Coocaa 32S3M Software :

Please refer to the video below for step by step software update guide / instructions:

Step by Step Guide Coocaa 32S3M Software Installation:
1. Download the software here:
2. Move the downloaded software "allupgrade_3563i_OB3353_60.bin" to USB Flash drive root directory.
3. Insert the USB Flash Drive containing the software into TV USB Port.
4. Cut the power / unplug the TV from power source for at-least 10 seconds.
5. Restore the power / plug the TV from power source. The progress bar will automatically appear with a pop up message "Upgrading Software Please do not turn off".
6. Wait until "Software Upgrade Complete".

When the progress bar reach 100%, please wait for a few second at least 3 to 5 second would be OK, then cut the power source or unplug the TV. Take out the USB flash drive containing the software before you plug-in back the TV to power source.


  1. anong system version po lalabas pag upgraded na

  2. sir jesson paano po ibalik uung coocoa logo

  3. iniwanan tto ni air jessin sa ere😭

  4. After i do all of those still my coocaa tv freezes when watching a regular tv shows and even changing channels .. The software version still V1.0.0.0 nohings change after installing your coocaa 32S3M software zip.. No netflix app in home app. TED app and YouTube can't even play videos, Fb app froze! Your "customers after buying" responsibilities/relations so poor! No one to contact, no one replying to messages, comments or email.. So DISAPPOINTING!


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