Warranty of Skyworth TV and Coocaa TV. Flooded TV still covered of warranty?

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YES, a flooded TV or Appliances is still covered with the warranty or NO, a flooded TV or Appliances is not covered with the warranty. Let's find out...

Your TV or Appliances are working perfectly fine then a typhoon came in, bringing flood in your area. Now your home entertainment and appliances (Skyworth or Coocaa) went under flood water, will it covered with warranty? 

Warranty of Skyworth TV and Coocaa TV. Flooded TV still covered of warranty?

For us to answer the above question, we will check the Skyworth and Coocaa policy on warranty. Does the flooded TV is still covered with warranty.

The statement below is written on your warranty certificate; https://www.skyworthphilippines.com/p/wara.html?m=1

Warranty does not apply with respect to the following conditions;

6.1 Products which have been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than SPC authorized service center in a manner which has affected their performance, stability or reliability;

6.2 Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning, or other natural disaster or voltage instability or other force majeure;

As written on your warranty certificate, flooded TV or Appliances (Skyworth and Coocaa) is not covered with warranty. But is it repairable? 

We will talk about a topic on how to repair a flooded TV or Appliances in the next post. So stay tune...


  1. I'd like to flash or update the Skyworth 32e390s TV, please


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