Skyworth Easy Smart 32STC3210 32STC3200 40STC3210 40STC3200 43STC3210 43STC3200 Honest Review

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I write this post with one thing in mind, to help the TV buyer and we will only provide the truth. So let's begin... 

What is Skyworth 32STC3210, 32STC3200, 40STC3210, 40STC3200, 43STC3210 and 43STC3200? Is it a smart TV? You need to watch the video on this post first before we proceed. This is truly important, refer to the video below;

What did you just see from the video above such as the following. YouTube, TED, Twitter and Facebook is a Smart Features. So the Skyworth 32STC3210, 32STC3200, 40STC3210, 40STC3200, 43STC3210 and 43STC3200 TV is a Smart TV?

No, it is called Easy Smart. Meaning the Skyworth 32STC3210, 32STC3200, 40STC3210, 40STC3200, 43STC3210 and 43STC3200 half Smart and Half Basic. Those application are not installed and running on your TV. Those are just link from a remote server somewhere else.

Therefore, the available video is very limited and the buffering of your content is based on the bandwidth available from that remote server. Other factor that can affect the content is as follows; "how many user is accessing the server at the same time" all of em will share on a pie.

What if the remote server went offline? In that case, even if you are connected to the internet and has a good internet connection, you will surely do not access YouTube, TED, Twitter or Facebook.

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