How to Update Skyworth 50G6 Operating System?


On this post, I will share to you on how to update your old Android Skyworth TV into a newer version for the following Skyworth Android TV.

Android 8.0.0 Download Link: 

Please scroll down for the complete guide and upgrade instructions. 

Why would I need to update my Skyworth 50G6 Android LED TV Software?

Software update is a must do because, it contain bug fixes for a more improve performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your Android LED TV. 

Installing TV software updates ensures that your TV operating system continues to run safely and efficiently. Keep in mind that many app exploits look for an outdated software with un-patched security flaws.

A vulnerable Android TV app might risk your personal data and privacy that may lead to financial loss and even a much great damaged.

Do Exploits and Malware or Virus infect Android TV Operating System?

Yes, in-fact I myself have test to write and execute an exploit to my own 4K Android TV. And as expected I got my personal data and I can remotely control the Android TV. Here is how to attack the Andriod TV;
To exploit the kernel of Android TV use "CVE-2013-7263 & CVE-2013-6282" to gain privilege to the root the Android LED TV.
Then use the "Leveraging the NDK and JNI" to create an application that deliver the payload to the target Android LED TV. This payload will bring a native code application that will root and SELinux Android 6.0 device. 
Use static analysis to perform a "local" attack on a target Android application to obtain sensitive information from another Android app installed on the device.
Leveraging BakSmali to recompile, and dynamic runtime analysis of native code, we will peer "into" the process space of a running Android app to see what data it is transferring in an otherwise un-man-in-the-middle-able encrypted communication with a server.
Use Chrome WebView to gain a remote code execution to the Android TV. Once execute, you need to debug an app and heap-spray into system_server in preparation for an actual exploit. 
Using a logic analyzer reverse engineer pin outs of Android LED TV UART interfaces.
Now will download firmware of the LED TV DIRECTLY from the manufacturer's website, unpack it, disassemble it, find the requisite parts (bootloader, filesystem, etc.), decompile the APKs, and go on a guided tour of the native code and Dalvik code that contain many interesting tidbits.
Now you "0wn" an Android device by leveraging JTAG interface via a LED TV VGA port or service port!
Now who told you that TV's is not vulnerable to exploits and malware or viruses. Therefore, an on time update is really important if you want to be safe.

How to Update my Android LED TV?

There are two easy steps to Update the Android TV. First, online update. And Second, USB Update.

Helpful Illustration on how to Update Skyworth Android LED TV Online:

  • Connect the Android LED TV to the internet
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to About.
  • Go to System Update.
  • Check for Update.
If update is available "Download and Install it".

AndroidTV Firmware Upgrade process via USB Flash Drive:

4K Skyworth Android 8.0.0 Software:

Link to Skyworth 4K Android Version 8.0.0 Operating System available for download.

11 Steps to Upgrade Skyworth 50G6 4K Android from Version 6.0.1 or Version 7.0.0 to Version 8.0.0:

  1. Format the USB to FAT32;
  2. Copy the file named"upgrade_loader_common-xxxx.pkg"(Around 600MB-800MB)into the root of the USB flash drive.
  3. Unplug the Skyworth 50G6 4K Android TV from the power source.
  4. Insert the USB Flash Drive that contain the software to USB 2.0 Port at the back of Skyworth 50G6 Android 4K TV.
  5. Turn on the Android TV using the TV original remote control.
  6. The upgrade start, Skyworth 50G6 Android TV boot up and logo showing stack on the screen for a while during the upgrade, It will take around 5 minutes.
  7. Then the Skyworth 50G6 Android TV will automatically restarts, and restart again after an around 5 minutes.
  8. Then it will come to the Skyworth 50G6 Android TV setting.
  9. Press "source 3 1 9 5" to enter into the factory menu, and check the software version.
  10. Select General Setting->Out Factory Reset function.
  11. Finish.(To avoid the Skyworth 50G6 Android TV to upgrade again, better remove the USB or delete the software in the USB)
Remark: Above process takes around 14 minutes.

4K Skyworth Android 8.0.0 Software Download: Skyworth 4K Android Version 8.0.0 Operating System available for download.

This software is also a solution for the following Skyworth 50G6 4K Android TV problems;
  • Hang on Skyworth Logo
  • Keep on loading
  • Auto on and Auto off
  • Can't connect to WiFi
  • Can't access the Android TV Home Page
  • Distorted Sound 50G6


  1. I'd like to flash or update the Skyworth 32e390s TV, please

  2. I'd like to flash or update the Skyworth 32e390s TV, please


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