Coocaa 32S6G Android 9: The Best and cheapest Android TV

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Actual Image of Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 TV
Buy Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 TV
Android TVs has been around here in the Philippines since early 2014 but it usually made available for larger screen. So if you're looking for a secondary TV to be installed inside your room, then the Android 9 Coocaa 32S6G is perfectly fit for you.

Did you know that the all new Coocaa 32S6G is already comes with the latest Android 9 operating system for TVs? Yes, and it will soon available to offer you a great deal.

This is the answer to all customers asking question like "Do you have an available 32-inch Android TV to offer"? Finally, the Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 LED TV is here!

Like them, I also can't wait to go over the best deal Coocaa 32S5G Android 9 LED TV has to offer this coming months after Covid-19 pandemic.

Going to traditional appliances store in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic while cities and towns are placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) is truly frustrating knowing risk of getting the infection. So why not just got to coocaa official store in lazada and look for the best 32-inch Android 9 TV.

What makes Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 the best TV choice?

As an experience service engineer, compare to the later model of Android TVs, Coocaa 32S6G is up-gradable up to the next Android major update the Android 10. A feature that you can't find on your current Android 8 TVs.

Aside from the being the cheapest android TV on it's kind, 32S6G is also equipped with the latest and powerful processor, DDR and Flash memory. This is to complement the Android's latest operating system.


Coocaa 32S6G comes with a processor much like on a mid ranged laptops, a 1.1 Ghz Cortex - A53 Quad Core processor. A predecessor of Cortex - A55 Quad Core CPU installed on the latest Coocaa 55S3N.

Cortex - A53 is a market leading processor that delivers the best combination of both power efficiency and performance. Making 32S6G smarter and powerful compare to the current TV of it's kind in the market today.


Unlike few years ago, where Smart TV is not that smart and only requiring few amount of memory to run, 512 MB is enough. Today, the all new Coocaa 32S6G Android 9 is equipped with 1 GB DDR and 8 GB Flash Memory. Making it perform much more better compare to conventional Smart TVs.


Most 32-inch Smart TV in the market today doesn't have a dedicated graphic card installed, they only depend to a shared built-in memory. But the 32S6G break that norms and set a new benchmark on how a 32-inch TV become better.

A Mali - 470 Quad Core ultra low power GPU is equipped to exceed the user expectation. It is the same GPU installed on Coocaa 55S3N Smart TV, specifically designed for AIOT device. Configurable L2 cache and optimized for graphics data traffics.

Optimum 230 nits

What is nits and why it is important to make a best TV? Like you, I've been asking the same question many years ago since I only seen nits labeled on florescent lamp.

According to wikipedia, nit is "the candela per square is the derived SI unit of luminescence. The unit is based on the candela, the SI unit of luminous intensity and the square meter, the SI unit of area. The nit is non-SI name also used for this unit. The term nit is believed to come from the Latin word nitere, to shine."

It makes more confusion right, worse than a few minutes back. So to make it clear and understandable, nit is a term used to described or to define the unit of brightness.

Therefore, the more nit your TV has, the brightness it has to offer. Nits help the image look better and vivid even in the lighted surroundings.

Is 230 nits is enough? Based on the fact we know, the average movie (SM Cinema) house gives you 50 nits. While most conventional TV with Pre-HDR can give you 100 nits.

Therefore, the 230 nits is enough to deliver vivid and clear content even in the bright room.

Built-in Apps

The choice of available app is endless since our 32S6G here is comes with Android 9. Just visit pre-installed Google Play Store and your good to go!

AI Assistant

Like of those on high end and premium models, buying 32S6G is also like having a personal assistant and TV. Try to talk with Issa Rae, a voice behind Google assistant.

Try it for yourself, just say "Hey Google" to get started. Then asked question like "What is the weather" or give her command like "can you sing me happy birthday".

Bluetooth 5.0

What's new and why it is important to make the best TV? Compare to the recent certification, Bluetooth 5.0 initiate faster connection and performs more aggressive caching where a clients can skip the service discovery stage when nothing has changed.

These GATT caching enhancements means the connection happens faster and less energy spent. But the latest BT 5.1 comes with improved advertising.

Coocaa 32S6G Complete Specification

Display Specifications
Screen Size 32-inch Diagonal
Backlight Module LED
Resolution 1,366 x 768
Brightness (cd/m2) 230 Nits (Typ)
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Panel INX/V320BJ8-Q01
Full Screen Yes
Local Dimming No
HDR10 / HLG No
Dolby Vision No
Smart TV Specifications
Operating System Android 9
App Store Google Play Store
Web Browser Puffin TV Browser
CPU 1.1 GHz Cortex – A53 Quad Core
GPU Mali – 470 Quad Core GPU
Flash 8GB Flash Card
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Wireless Band
AI System Google Assistant
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1
Digital TV Features
DTV Receiving System ISDB-T
Time Shift Yes
Parental Control Yes
Favorite Channel List Yes
Channel Editor Yes
Hotel Mode No
Low Blu-Ray Yes
Terminal Specifications
RF Input 1
AV Input 1
Ypbpr Input 0
CI/CI+ 0
HDMI HDMI 1.4 x 2 ports
USB USB 2.0 x 2 ports
Software Updates By Internet / USB Update
LAN 1 Port
SPDIF 1 Optical Port
Earphone Jack 0
Sound Specifications
Audio Power Output 2 x 6 watts
DD/DD+/MS11/MS12 MS12
DTS TruSurround No
Power Specifications
Standby Consumption <0.5 Watts
With Stand 720.7mm x 177.61mm x 464.81mm
Without Stand 720.7mm x 84mm x 420.7mm
Box 808mm x 130mm x 510mm
Included Accessories
Remote Control Yes
AI Remote Control Yes
Without Stand 3.53 Kg
With Stand 3.58 Kg

Coocaa 32S6G is also know for 32E20 with chassis number 7K41B oversea's.