All new Coocaa 55S3N 4K TV Full Specs Review

Coocaa 55S3N is finally here, if you are ready for an upgrade to a bigger screen then we have all the information you need about the all new Coocaa 55S3N. As an experience service engineer for both software and hardware down to the component level, with my team, we've tested many smart TV's of all brand this year. We finally found the best and affordable smart TV here in the Philippines, Coocaa 55S3N!
Buy Coocaa 55S3N Smart Netflix TV

Like Coocaa die hard fan and I also can't wait to go over the best deal Coocaa 55S3N 4K LED TV has to offer this coming months after Covid-19 pandemic.

Going online and browse the vast selection of TV's out there is truly time consuming and really frustrating. Especially to look for the best and quality TV under in small budget.

To many features that an average person didn't know about and they aren't sure what this can do. The price tags is also deceptive and it is all over the place.

Yes, I agree getting you with a the best TV nowadays is really stressful without an insider guide. Don't just buy the cheaper TV available, because I am so sure you'll be end up with the worst experience you never wanted!

Even with the rapid advancement of the technology, unlike your handheld devices upgrading TVs doesn't happen so often. I know TVs and I've been reviewing them for a long time and I also know as a customer that you are after, for only the best for your hard earned money.

Covid-19 pandemic is far from over yet but the ber months is coming fast. The lazada best deal are here soon, why not treat yourself after those stressful day and upgrade to a bigger Smart TV. 

If your current TV can't cope up with the latest content or slow or has a bad picture quality. Then it's time for an upgrade. Truly, the TV industry is hectic, Linux Smart TV 4K, HDR10, HLG, Netflix, Amazon Video, ISDB-T, Time Shift, Parent Control, EPG, Low Blu-Ray, etc. Those specifications seem to be never ending.

The all new Coocaa 55S3N 4K Premium LED TV is one of the best Smart TV here in the country. Comes with the latest Linux OS for TV, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Smart TV with built-in Netflix 5.1, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.


The Coocaa 55S3N has a processor much like on a powerful computer, a 1.2 Ghz Cortex-A55 Quad Core processor. A market leading CPU that delivers the best combination of power efficiency and performance.

It also delivers up to 18% more performance at 15% better power efficiency compare to it's predecessor. Makes this Smart TV faster than the current line of it's kind in the market today.


In the later years, older Smart TVs comes only with 512 MB DDR and the performance is far better than the conventional TV. But what do you think is going happened if you double that memory from instead of 512MB, to 1GB DDR and a 4G Flash Internal memory.


A Mali-470 Quad Core GPU is equipped to complement the Coocaa 55S3N 1.2 Ghz CA55 Quad Core processor, 1GB DDR and 4GB Flash Memory. Full support for next-generation and legacy 2D / 3D graphics applications.

The Mali-470 ultra low power GPU doubles the energy efficiency compare to the previous GPU. It is designed specifically designed for AIOT devices. It also configurable L2 Cache optimized for graphics data traffic.

Brightness 270 Nits

What are the important of nits to make a best TV? I know you've been asking yourself now what is a term "nit" is all about. To make long story short, nit is a colloquial term for a unit of brightness. The more nits your TV have, the brightness it has to offer, which help the content look better even at noon outdoor under the sun.

So let see how good 55S3N when it comes to brightness and image clarity even under the sun. Let's pick a place that everyone of us is familiar as our benchmark, the movie theater screen. The average movie theater in SM Cinema can give you a brightness of 50 nits. While your regular Smart TV's with Pre-HDR could give you 100 nits.

Therefore, the 270 nits in your Coocaa 55S3N is more than enough since a lighted room may only required 50 nits to deliver content with image clarity. Probably you have heard about the 10,000 nits TV prototype showed in CES back in 2018. That to much of brightness, in my opinion 50 nits to 100 nits is enough while 100 nits to 400 nits is more than enough inside you lighted room.

Built-In Apps

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube nowadays, is a lot more important than cable subscription. The choices of different types of movies and Internal shows available on those video streaming platform makes it a very attractive apps to many content consumer around the globe. This is the reason why the most Smart TV models that are available in the market comes with pre installed video streaming apps.

Coocaa 55S3N Complete Specifications

Display Specifications
Screen Size 54.5-inch Diagonal
Backlight Module LED
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Brightness (cd/m2) 270 Nits (Typ)
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Panel BOE/HV550QUB-F12
Full Screen No
Local Dimming No
HDR10 / HLG Yes
Dolby Vision No
Smart TV Specifications
Operating System Modified Linux of Smart TV
App Store Netrange
Web Browser Seraphic Web Browser
CPU 1.2GHz Cortex – A55 Quad Core
GPU Mali – 470 Quad Core GPU
Flash 4GB Flash Card
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Wireless Band
AI System No
Bluetooth No
Digital TV Features
DTV Receiving System ISDB-T
Time Shift Yes
Parental Control Yes
Favorite Channel List Yes
Channel Editor Yes
Hotel Mode Yes
Low Blu-Ray Yes
Terminal Specifications
RF Input 1
AV Input 1
Ypbpr Input 0
CI/CI+ 0
HDMI HDMI 2.0 x 3 ports
USB USB 2.0 x 2 ports
Software Updates By Internet / USB Update
LAN 1 Port
1 Optical Port
Earphone Jack 0
Sound Specifications
Audio Power Output 2 x 10 watts
DD/DD+ Yes
DTS TruSurround Yes
Power Specifications
Standby Consumption <0.5 Watts
With Stand 1235.7mm x 238.5mm x 759.2mm
Without Stand 1235.7mm x 91.7mm x 722.1mm
Box 1235.7mm x 145mm x 825mm
Included Accessories
Remote Control Yes
AI Remote Control No
Without Stand 10.3 Kg
With Stand 10.5 Kg

With the new normal for distance learning as well as working from home or zoom meeting, this large screen is perfect for your needs.

Coocaa 55S3N is know as 55U20 with chassis number 9M43B overseas.


  1. How do you adjust the video quality? Which button to push on the remove?

  2. How to change to analog speaker from digital sound? We tried to used audio converter but still not working.


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