How to Update Software and Firmware of Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000?

On this DIY guide, I would like to answer the following question, "How to or how can I Update and add Apps on my Skyworth 40TB5000 and 40TB5050?" "How can solved stuck volume issue?" "Solving Netflix Error

Originally, the Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000 comes only with 7 applications which includes Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV Apps, Facebook, Twitter, MiraShare and Browser. Please refer to the actual image above.

What happened after update?

The image below is an actual image capture on updated Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000 models.

After the software update, three new applications added from the existing seven applications which includes Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV Apps, Facebook, Twitter, MiraShare and Browser. 

The additional 3 Apps after software update are as follows; Prime Video, YouTube Kids and Yahoo Weather.

How to update or add applications to Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000?

Here is the step by step guide on how to update your Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000.

1. Prepare USB Flash Drive.
2. Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32.
3. Download Skyworth Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000 software using this link: Skyworth 40TB5050 Software and Firmware and Skyworth 40TB5000 Software and Firmware.
4. Copy or Move the software "MstarUpgrade.bin" and "SkyData Folder" to USB Flash Drive root directory. Please refer to image below;
I assume that your USB flash drive and software is ready at this point. So let's prepare the Skyworth Smart Netflix TV for software update.

Update the Software
1. Insert USB Flash to Skyworth Netflix Smart TV USB 2.0 port which usually located at the back of the TV.
2. On your Skyworth original remote press "MENU".
3. Using remote navigation key find "SETUP".
4. Then select "Software Update (USB)".
5. Finally press right or left navigation key arrow, cancel and ok, respectively.
6. The update will begin, please refer to image above. Please do not interrupt or unplug the TV while the Skyworth 40TB5050 and 40TB5000 updating, it took sometimes to finish. 

7. TV will automatically turned off when update is finish!

Update the SkyData
1. Turn on the TV using the remote control, an initial setup window will greet you. Please refer to image below for your reference.
2. Keep pressing the green button on your remote until your TV will turn off. Please refer to the image below for your reference.

3. Wait until the TV reboot!

What else the update can solved?

Netflix Error Code: tvq-pm-100 (3.1.6):
We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.

Netflix Error Code: tvq-st-103, tvq-st-106:
Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in 33 seconds. Code: tvq-st-103, tvq-st-106

Netflix Error Code: (-100): 49G2, 55G2, 50G6 and 55G6
Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please check Network Settings to connect to an available Network and use Netflix (-100).

Stuck on volume:
Stuck on volume; not increasing and not decreasing.


  1. It won't turn on anymore. can you help me on this?

  2. After update no display na merun Naman light pero Wala ng Makita

  3. No puedo actualizar mi smart tv skyworth modelo 40TB5000


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