How to Install Netflix for Skyworth E2 and E2D Series (Download Link Inside)

Step by Step Procedure on how Install Netflix to Skyworth Android TV.

Load the Netflix 4.2.0 build APK (Android Package Kit) file on your USB flash drive. Make sure that it will not be put inside a folder.

Insert the USB flash drive containing Netflix 4.2.0 build file to the Skyworth Android TV USB 2.0 port.

Open "ES File Explorer File Manager "
Go to install APK application found in the “ APP” menu.
Select the “INSTALL APK” and you will see the applications you save in the USB
A pop up menu will come out and select the “Package installer” for the application to be installed in the TV. You can select the “Just once” option.

Installing Application Using Factory Settings

Using original Skyworth remote or the Factory remote, Press "Source 3 1 9 5".

Skyworth Factory Menu Settings
Use arrow down key on your remote and find "Others" menu.

Factory Others Menu
On "Others" menu, select Install app.

Select your USB flash drive it would be the one labeled with "sdcard0".

Then select the APK (Android Package Kit) file that you wish to install.


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