COOCAA on LAZADA After Sales Service Policy (Wrong Delivered, Replacement and Damaged Item)

Below are the standard policy of COOCAA Philippines and steps on the following circumstances. All products of COOCAA Philippines products have the flyers which contains of the following information, customer hotline, FAQ's unboxing tips and product features.

1. Lazada Wrong Delivered Item Policy

A. In case that custumer receive the wrong item, the customer will contact the LAZADA customer service to inform the (he/she) received the wrong item.

B. LAZADA customer service advice to customer for the process of returning the COOCAA products.

C. Customer return the COOCAA Product to LAZADA.

2. Lazada Replacement Policy for Defective COOCAA Products 

A. If within 15 days from purchase date, COOCAA service center can repair/replace if the customer agrees or inform customer to return the defective item to Lazada. Consumer contact Lazada customer service for the return process. Lazada will refund/replace the customer's unit.

B. If beyond 15 days from purchase date, customer can contact the COOCAA hotline (028-555-1555), customer service will ask to customer to provide the following, sales invoice or delivery receipt, if the customer provide the mention above, customer service will ask the customer to provide the order number.

C. If the customer already provided the order number, COOCAA customer service will call to LAZADA customer service to provide the sales invoice within 3 working days period of time.

D. Upon receiving the customer complain, COOCAA customer service will assign the technician to check the unit, even if the documents needed still on the process.

E. After the technician check and evaluate the unit of the customer, (repair or replace will now on process) customer case is close.

3. Lazada Policy on Damaged COOCAA Products

A. Customer contacts COOCAA hotline (028)555-1555

B. Customer service send/assiged a technician to check and evaluate the defect and the overall appearance of the unit and the box.

C. The technician will now make the report, if the cause of the damage is from the factory, COOCAA will replace the item. If the damaged of the unit is cause by hishandling, customer can return the item or unit to LAZADA (LAZADA will charge with the courier fee for the damage item).


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