Skyworth A200A, E2000 and E2000D Series: This version of YouTube will be going away soon...

This version of YouTube will be going away soon. You'll still be able to view, but you can get an optimized experience on a supported device. Check your device app store to see if the YouTube app is available for install, or see a list of supported devices at

Have you encounter the same problem on your TV? If does feel to sent us message using this form and we will help you:

As of the moment, you can still used this YouTube version until first quarter next year. However, the pop up will continue until a new version of software will be injected online.

To continue using, just press "OK" button on your remote.

Our development team is now collaborating with YouTube developer to assist this issue.

List of Affected Models:

  • 32E200A
  • 32E2000
  • 32E2000D
  • 40E2000
  • 40E2000D
  • 43E2000
  • 43E2000D
  • 50E2000
  • 50E2000D
  • 55E2000
  • 55E2000D
  • 50E2
  • 50E2D
  • 55E2
  • 55E2D
Once a new software is live, the update will automatically take effect. Thank you for your kindness!


  1. is there already a new software update for e2000d series?


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