How to Setup your Coocaa or Skyworth LED TV to View Digital Channels in South Africa!

This is a response post for the question of valuable customer customer from KANESHIE, ACCRA Ghana in South Africa. His question is as follows;

I mistakenly deleted the satellite list while trying to set satellite dish for the TV. And now, multiple satellite channels not working.  I have 2 frequencies which suppose to give me two satellite channels. I tried on other decoder and got both satellite channels but the TV only provide one satellite channels. How do I restore the TV to get it as first. I have reset and done first installation but still no good results. Help me out please. Thank you.

Customer Name: Andrew
Dealer: Jumia online purchase
Location: Coocaa South Africa
TV Model: Coocaa 32D4

DVB-T installation Steps

First you need the following equipment:
1 Digital antenna
2 Digital Skyworth TV with built in set top box

Steps by step guide:
1. On your TV remote, press SOURCE and go to DVB-T.
2. Press MENU.
3. Navigate to CHANNEL and select AUTO-TUNING.
4. Select South Africa as relevant country press "OK".
5. Auto-tuning will begin.

Exploring the DVB-T channels:
1. When the TV has completed scanning, access your channels by pressing the CHN-LIST button on your remote. A drop down list will appear with all available channels.
2. To access program info, press the INFO button on your remote. Program details will appear displaying the program details.

How to use PVR function of TV?

1. To use the personal video recorder, plug a USB on to your TV USB port.
2. Press REC button on your remote to start recording. Content you record will be saved on to your External storage/USB.

Note: The variety of channels available are dependant on the digital signal in your specific location. Please consult your local broadcasting authority for more info regarding digital programming in your area.


  1. i have a Coocaa 32D4 purchased via jumia months ago. How do i update the software version to the latest version.


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