How do I download and save Skyworth TV Software for Update (With Picture and Illustration)

How do I download or save a Skyworth TV Software use for update to my computer or flash drive?

Business as usual, in order to download some in the internet, it is a requirement to register first with your e-mail address and name. So, do I need to register first before I download the software I need to update and upgrade my TV unit?

In Skyworth, registration is not necessary for you download Skyworth TV Softwares. Just follow the provided link either text link or image link.
Image Link

Step by Step Guide to download TV Software Update 

1. Go to
2. Click on provided text link you wish to download

3. On page, click on download button.
Click Image Link: Step by Step Procedure for Guide

4. Window pane pop.

5. Put your mouse pointer on the top of window pane and look for download button

5. Click download button to initiate download

6. Windows pane appeared (For files (97M) exceeds the maximum size that Google can scan. Would you still like to download this file?)
7. Click on Download anyway

8. Wait for a few minutes until file is completely downloaded

9. Click on "Show all downloads"

10. Click "Show in Folder"

11. Copy and Paste the file on your empty flash drive.


  1. i want to upgrade tv skyworth 55E6710D-uds

  2. I have a sinotec STL-50u2um. Kids played with the remote and then the tv switched off. Switched tv on and now a skyworth screen appears. Screen shows for about 10 seconds and then the tv switches off. Left the tv off over night but still the same the next morning. Contacted sinotec and skyworth in south africa but they are hopeless. Any idea how to fix the tv? Local tv repair people cant help.

  3. Please i need the update for 42E770S

  4. Please i need the update for 42E11

  5. May I request for firmware update for smart TV skyworth 49E3

  6. Please i need the update for 32E21

  7. I want to update Skyworth tv 55g7200 please!

  8. Skyworth 40E380i update please!

  9. Please 55g7200 firmware or dump or twice!

  10. Can I get an update gor skyworth 40TB5050?Thanks

  11. Hi there, please may i have the android 32E6 update

  12. please i need the bin file for 55UB7500


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