Coocaa 40E36YC Software Update Download and Procedure

Coocaa 40E36YC smart TV Software updates is now available for direct download using the link provided below.
Coocaa 40E36YC is exclusively and widely distributed by, the biggest online shopping portal in the Philippines. The TV comes featuring 1080p or full HD display, smart TV, built-in wi-fi and running under Linux 2.6.34 operating system.

What's new after the update?
After the software update, Coocaa 40E36YC issue on internet connection and all other bugs were going to be fix.

Coocaa 40E36YC 40" Internet Smart LED TV - Review and After Sale Service

Coocaa TV, the online presence of Skyworth is now available here in the country (Philippines) through the partnership with Lazada, the Philippines best shopping and biggest and most trusted online mall.

Coocaa Philippines Service Authorize Center

In terms of after sale service and popularity, Coocaa garnered a Guinness World Record for having the most numbers of Smart LED TV sold in one day  with 56,272 units! Further, after sale service for Coocaa brand from Lazada comes tied up with Skyworth Philippines.

Coocaa 40E36YC 40" Internet Smart LED TV -Review

Coocaa 40E36YC 40 Internet Smart LED TV
Coocaa 40E36YC 40" Internet LED TV picture quality is up to par with competing models from top Korean brands (Samsung and LG), plus it boasts all the features of an entry-level smart TV, including third party TV apps which include; Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Shenzhen-based Coocaa is the second brand under the Skyworth Group, the company responsible for Skyworth consumer electronics and audio-visual products. But while Skyworth units are sold in traditional retail channels, Coocaa TVs are exclusive to eCommerce platforms (think Xiaomi), which translates to roughly 10 percent in savings compared to similar models from the former, we're told.

Coocaa 40E36YC Software Update Easy Guide

How to update Coocaa 40E36YC? Do I need some technical background? What tools are I am going to use for the update? What is the step by step procedure updating the Coocaa Smart TV? Do I lost all my save TV settings after the update?

In this article, I'm going to answer all these question.

Updating your TV Software don't need any technical background. Just follow these Do it yourself instructions and everything comes handy. And none of your TV settings will go lost. 

Tools you Need
You need an internet connection to download the software for update and an at least 512MB empty FAT32 format flash drive.

How to Update 40E36YC

1. Download the software at using the provided link: Coocaa 40E36YC Software Update Download

2. Copy the file on your USB flash Disk Drive (Make sure Flask Disk Drive is empty)

3. Insert USB Flask Drive to USB port.

4. Unplug the TV from electric outlet. 

5.  Hold the menu button and plug the TV at the same time to a power source and wait until update start to load. (Keep pressing menu button for at least 10 sec.)

6. Do not interrupt the update till it's done.

After the update the TV went standby mode. 


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