Answering the Aircon's Common Problem you encountered!

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What is the reason why my Aircon / Air Conditioner not cooling?

When the outside temperature is too warm or when the room comes with too many people, the Aircon / Air Conditioner will appear not to be cooling properly due to higher than normal heat load. In this occasion, set the Aircon / Air Conditioner to the coldest setting as well as the fan to turbo or the highest speed.

Dirty or clogged air filters is the most common cause of poor cooling performance. Check, inspect and wash air filters on a weekly basis whenever possible.

In addition, it is recommended to have your Aircon / Air Conditioner cleaned by authorized service center 3 to 4 times a year.

What is the reason why is my Aircon / Air Conditioner stop working?

Check fuses or circuit breakers. Also check that if the Aircon / Air Conditioner is plugged in to power source. If Aircon / Air Conditioner still not working, I highly recommended to have it checked by authorized service center near you.

What is the reason why is my air conditioner noisy?

There are different reasons as to why your air conditioner is noisy.  You should first check the kind of noise emanating from your air conditioner. Upon identifying the noise, please get in touch with our customer service to help you diagnose the problem. Please click on the link below.

What is EER?

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is used to measure the efficiency of room air conditioner. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency.

At what temperature should I set the air conditioner?

Set at the temperature at which you feel most comfortable. In general use "coldest setting" during the afternoon and avoid "coldest setting" during night time to save on electricity costs.

Do I have to cover my air conditioner when it rains?

No. Your air conditioner is designed to be exposed to rain and sunshine.

What should I do if refrigerant is leaking out of my air conditioner?

Turn OFF your air conditioner immediately and have this checked by our Authorized Service Center (ASC).  To book for a service, click on the link below.


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