What is Coocaa Philippines official website: All About Coocaa

Coocaa Philippines slogan is “Play in your Style” which is to hit the PLAY button on the best contents that you love and have a great time.

Coocaa is a registered trademark of the market-leading TV manufacturer Skyworth. Since 2006, coocaa brings fun to the home - with TVs that inspire around the world.

In doing so, coocaa not only promotes the innovation and development of advanced technologies, but also strives for product quality that will bring a smile to customers' faces.

Here in the Philippines, Coocaa was introduced four years ago to online market Lazada as a mid to high-end LED TV brand that provides high specs, high performance produtcs and great service.
If you remember, those model include the following; Coocaa 40E36YC which is similar to Skyworth 40E360 and 40E36i. Infact, the software of Skyworth 40E360 can be install to Coocaa 40E36YC.

Likewise, there remote control works with one another. After four years, Skyworth have once again entered into online market Lazada with the trademark Coocaa. But unlike before, Coocaa list of model have saturate the online market. Infact they introduced a complete line up, from basic LED TV, Smart Digital, and Android TV.

Coocaa basic LED TV includes 24W2000 series, Coocaa Smart Digital LED Netflix TV includes 32S3N, 40S3N and 43S3N. While Coocaa 32S5G, 40S5G and 43S5G dubbed as none Netflix Android TV. However, it's 50 and 55 inches Android Version 8.0.0, Coocaa 50S5G and Coocaa 55S5G introduced as Netflix Android Smart TV.

As of the writing Coocaa as Skyworth trademark have set foot on more than 40 countries, built nine manufacturing bases and six R&D centers globally.

All of the products are manufactured with a factory of 23 years experience under Chinese standard.

Who handles Coocaa After Sales Service?

Here in the Philippines, Coocaa and Skyworth have signed contract to cater the after sales service and product distribution. Therefore, expect Skyworth service center and it's authorized service center to cater your after sales service.

The letter of service authorization was stated as follows;

This letter is made as of Feb. 25th 2019 (the “Effective Date”) between Skyworth (Philippines) Corporation, located at Unit 1903 Antel 2000 Corporate Center, Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati City, Phils. (hereinafter referred to as “SKYWORTH”) and Shenzhen Kukai Network Technology Co., Ltd. located at Innovation Valley, Bao’An District, Shenzhen, China (hereinafter referred to as “COOCAA”).

The purpose of the letter of service authorization was stated as follows;
COOCAA hereby authorizes SKYWORTH as the Solo Service Agency across the Philippines country wide, SKYWORTH has the solo right of interpretation to COOCAA Service related issues in the Philippines.

Here is the link pointing to the complete list of Coocaa authorized service center in nationwide (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao).

The list, will provides you the basic information of Coocaa Authorized Service Center which includes Business name, contact person, telephone number, mobile phone number, business address, e-mail address, area of specialization and service area.

What is the Coocaa Philippines official website?

As of the moment Coocaa Philippines doesn't have an official website. They're still share information with Skyworth and there official Chinese website. Please refer to the figure above.

Skyworth is Coocaa?

This is the question people always asking. They are wondering if Skyworth and Coocaa is the same brand.

As mentioned earlier on this article, Coocaa is a registered trademark of the market-leading TV manufacturer Skyworth. Therefore, they're one but managed by differently. However, they share the same technology.
According to cbinsights.com;
Coocaa is the Internet TV division of Chinese TV maker Skyworth Digital Holdings. Founded in 2006, Coocaa develops both smart TVs and smart consumer electronics hardware. Its products include games TVs, high-end smart TVs, a remote control device for Apple's smart phone which allows users to control home appliances remotely, a Bluetooth game handle, and Bluetooth earphones.

Where Coocaa is made or manufactured?

Coocaa products that sell in Lazada online shopping mall especially those LED TV are manufactured in either Philippines or Indonesia. However, the technology is still belong to Skyworth. In-fact Coocaa address is located at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Is Coocaa a Japanese Technology?

Coocaa is a registered trademark of Skyworth, and Skyworth is 100% Chinese brand and it's company registered address is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Base on the scenario, Coocaa is a Skyworth trademark, address is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and Skyworth is a proud carrier of Chinese technology.
Therefore, Coocaa is not a Japanese technology as claimed for there marketing strategy.
I really didn't understand why on Earth they're claiming it to be a Japanese technology as mentioned in Lazada. It is really deceiving. What do you think? Please write your opinion down below.

Where to buy Coocaa LED TV?

Coocaa LED TV is exclusive only at Lazada online shopping store. For those who asked if they have physical store, I regret to inform you but they don't have one.

What are the Available Coocaa 2019 Model on Lazada?

4K Android Version 8.0.0 LED TV
Coocaa 50S5G
2K Android Version 8.0.0 LED TV
Coocaa 40S5G
2K Netflix LED TV
Coocaa 43S3N
Coocaa 40S3N
Coocaa 32S3N
2K Smart Digital LED TV
Coocaa 32W4

Where to buy Coocaa Remote Control and other accessories?

If you need buy a new Coocaa remote and other LED TV accessories, please text your order to this number 09672770301 and they will assist you accordingly.

Coocaa warranty period and warranty policy

Based on the Coocaa's warranty certificate that include inside the box, it stated as follows;
1 year warranty main parts (Panel, Mainboard, CPU Board and other parts one year upon purchase date, Thirty (30) days replaceable under normal use.

For any products defect within terms of warranty, Coocaa customer can go to any Skyworth Service Center and bring Skyworth Warranty Certificate for free check-up and repair.
Accessories (e.g. remote control, wall bracket, USB, and freebies) are not included in the service warranty.

Each new product purchased entitles customer to one-time demonstration service on the functions and usage of the product, the proof of purchase must be presented during visit prior to the demonstration;

For TV wall mount installation, customer should be responsible for determining the condition of the wall before actual installation by Skyworth Service Center. Skyworth will not be responsible for any damage caused by insufficient wall load, such as marble or glass wall.
Installation is not applicable on suspension type, or gypsum board, or other walls which cannot meet the wall installation requirements.

For any LCD / LED TV Wall Bracket, additional Php1000 for 24-inch to 43-inch and Php1200 for 50-inch and above as installation charge.

Warranty Certificate and Purchase Receipt will not be re-issued if lost.
Warranty does not apply with respect to the following conditions;
Products which have been altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than SPC authorized service center in a manner which has affected their performance, stability or reliability;
Defects or damaged caused by abuse, negligence, misuse, or failure to observe the instructions contained in the manual furnished at the time or original purcahse;
Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning, or other natural disaster or voltage instability or other force majeure;
Without Warranty Card or Purchase Receipt;
Any alteration on the Warranty Card or Purchases Receipt;
Product out of Warranty;
If any of the Warranty seals are broken or shows evidence of tampering.

Coocaa Voucher and warranty extension.

If you find a voucher inside the box label with warranty extension, please keep it in safe place for you to avail and enjoy the additional 1 year warranty.

What number should I call to request service technician for my Coocaa LED TV?

For your immediate service and technical support need please call (02) 555-1555 to assist you accordingly.

What is your question about Coocaa?

If you have any questions, and clarifications about Coocaa products, fell free to asked questions using the comment area. I try to answer all your questions honestly and as a real person.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I understand that these Coocaa TVs are equipped with WIFI. What type of WIFI is installed (i.e. 2.4GHz or the newer 5.8 GHz).

  3. where can i buy a remote for 40s3n model?

  4. good day.
    I bought a 40ich TV last 9.9 sale.. Order #247824596648293.. rcvd last sept 13 2019. Everything was good until
    yesterday when i turned it on.. no picture was seen.. the screen was totally black out but it has sounds.. i have been trying to call your customer service but after i choose the language the call will be cut off.. I dont know what to do anymore.. pls help me .. Thank you

  5. After purchasing coocaa android 4k tv last november 2019,the remote control no longer works despite changing batteries. What to do?

  6. I bought 40 inch Smart TV last May 2019, then last December 2019 suddenly an ink-like spot on the bottom left of the tv appeared where there is no circumstances that the tv might get damaged because it is place in safe area. so we wonder what happen...i already contacted a near service center regarding with my concern. They told me that they will contact me again to schedule the door to door service. Sadly, after sending them follow ups, they dont reply anymore. Anyone can tell the process for this kind of concern? thank you

  7. How do I remove the Philippines Game 2019 splash screen from my coocaa tv ? Many thanks.

  8. What is the compatible usb flash drive for this tv? I bought a 2tb and a 64gb usb flash drive (both 2.0) but they are not being read by the tv..

  9. Netflix keeps on crashing, how to fix this

  10. Hello.how can i un install the netflix account on my tv?

  11. Good day we buy coocaa 55" and the screen cracked upon delivery and the Lazada won't replace the TV what should we do to the warranty of the tv.

    1. Any update on this? the 55inch one delivered to me was not powering ON

  12. bought 32s3m this month no netflix, is ithe aystwm upgradable.. where can i download software update thank u

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  14. Coocaa smart tv no volume display, no source etc. Only netflix is working. HOw to fix this po? Please help!!!!

  15. Hi, 

    We recently bought the Coocaa 50S6G Pro Max TV in Lazada and we like the product so much. But we noticed some glitches and maybe you can correct this in the next firmware update. 

    We noticed that once the TV was turned off using either thru the remote power button or thru voice command the TV will perfectly turn-off. But for some reason the TV will turn on his own onced any button of the remote was pressed or the  connected (thru usb) wireless mouse was moved. 

    Its so annoying that in the middle of the night while we are all sleeping and the tv will suddenly turn on coz either the mouse was unintentionally moved or the table that was just beside the bed in which the mouse was placed was unintentionally moved due the movement of the bed cussion or some instances that the remote was depressed by the pillows or blanket.
    Hoping that you can act on this. Thank you.


  16. System halted and failed verification please help me how to fix my problem


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