Skyworth 65Q3C Android Netflix TV: Best 65-inch TV on a budget!

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Your need is demanding for much larger display to get the most out of today's advanced entertainment. At least a 4K resolution pack in more improve color and contrast with HDR (high dynamic range) and a larger display can help show off those enhancements in details than a meagre Skyworth 55-inch LED TV.

If your on budget and after 65-inch LED TV, Skyworth Philippines round up the best available on the market for you to consider. Yet most TV brands are now starting to release their 2019 flagships, so expect to see few new models appearing. But for now Skyworth 65Q3C Android Netflix LED TV is one of the best out there among our 2019 line up.

However, if a 65Q3C 65-incher TV is going to be far to big for your living room, then take a look at Skyworth's best 55-inch LED TV and best 40-inch LED TV.

Best 65-inch Android LED TV on a budget!

There's no doubt Skyworth Philippines hands down the best budget TV since 2010. For this year, the Skyworth 65Q3C is made available to the market as budget-friendly 65-inch Android LED TV. If there was a downside to it's recent year models, it could been fixed immediately.

Skyworth 65Q3C Features

Voice Search: Yes
Screen Size: 65 inches
Technology: LED
Digital Converter: ISDB-T
Connectivity: WiFi / LAN
Volume: 12W x 12W
Netflix: Yes
Cast: Chromecast Built-in
ARC Return Audio from HDMI: eARC
HDMI IN: 3 port
USB: Yes
Composite input on screen: 1
Headphone port screens: 1
Width: 146 cm
Height: 87.0 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Height on stand: 91 cm
Depth on stand: 26.9 cm
weight on stand: 21.3 kg

Skyworth 65Q3C Features

Skyworth 65Q3C Remote and Other Accessories 

 Skyworth 65Q3C Available Port

  Skyworth 65Q3C Available Port

 Skyworth 65Q3C Back Firing Speaker System

 Skyworth 65Q3C Software Version

 Skyworth 65Q3C Stylish Front Logo

 Skyworth 65Q3C Parts

 Skyworth 65Q3C 12 Watts Speaker System

 Skyworth 65Q3C Power Supply Board

 Skyworth 65Q3C T-Con Driver

 Skyworth 65Q3C LED Driver

 Skyworth 65Q3C Main Board

 Skyworth 65Q3C Wi-Fi Adapter

How can I connect Skyworth 65Q3C to my existing Analog speaker?

How to pair Skyworth 65Q3C TV to remote?

How to connect my Skyworth 65Q3C to SmartPhone?

For step by step guide on how to connect your Skyworth 65Q3C,  here is the exact post that help you. Feel free to visit How to connect your Smartphone to Skyworth TV or Coocaa TV? (Viewing phone screen to Android, Smart, Basic TV) or copy and paste the following link to your browser.

And if you have question and clarification, feel free to contact us using this form #AskSkyworth or copy and paste this link to your browser. I will call you or send an e-mail to you personally.