How to Update the Software of Skyworth E3 and E3D Series?

A new Android 9 operating is now available for Skyworth UHD TV model 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D. For more details kindly visit this post How to Install the Latest Android 9 OS to Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV?

Having an updated software and firmware on your Smartphone or Computer or other device means it working fine and you are confident on your security. Same with your Android TV, it is a must to keep it updated.

So in this post, I will show you step by step on how to update your Skyworth E3 and E3D Series software and firmware. But before we proceed, I would to discuss a few things and answering few questions.

What are the model belong that belong to E3 Series?

The following model on the list belong are belong to Skyworth E3 Series, a 2K Android None Neflix LED TV;

  • 32E6
  • 40E6
  • 43E6
  • 49E6

What are the model belong that belong to E3D Series?

The following model on the list belong are belong to Skyworth E3D Series, a 2K Android None Neflix LED TV. Don't be confused with those without D and to those with D. Yes they are similar.

  • 32E6D
  • 40E6D
  • 43E6D
  • 49E6D

What is the different between E3 Series and E3D Series?

What is the different between, 32E3 and 32E3D, or 40E3 and 40E3D, or 43E3 and 43E3D, or 49E3 and 49E3D? This question keep on pouring in my inbox.

The answer, E3 Series and E3D Series share the same features, Software and Components. below is the complete specification Skyworth E3 and E3D Series.

OS: Android Oreo 8.0
Design: Slim Body
Processor: Quad-Core CPU, Cortex A53
Graphics: Quad-core GPU. Mali T860
AI Assistant: Google Assistant

DTS Tru-Surround
Dolby Digital™ Plus 

Sound Mode: Sandard, Sport, Movie, Music 
Speaker: Down-firing Speakers
Surround: Yes
Backlight System: Direct LED
Panel Type: IPS
Screen Size - Diagonal: 32", 40", 43", 49" 
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle: 89/89
Clear Motion Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 8ms, 9.5ms, 9.5ms, 9.5ms : 32", 40", 43", 49" respectively
Brightness of Panel: 240, 240, 350, 350 : 32", 40", 43", 49" respectively
Picture Mode: User/Standard/Sport/Vivid
Display Mode: auto, 16:9, 4:3, panorama, zoom, P2P
Receiver: DVB-T2 Receiving System 
Digital Audio Output: optical
Audio Output: Lineout/Earphone
Video Color Systems: PAL M/N NTSC-M
Audio System: CVBS,L/R(Mono L)
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How to Update Skyworth E3 Series and Skyworth E3D Series?
Here is the step by step procedure on how to update Skyworth E3 Series and Skyworth E3D Series software and firmware.

The tools you need are; USB flash drive and the Software. The flash drive should be formatted as FAT32 while the Software will be available for download here. Software file size is around 800MB. So let's begin...

1. Download the new and updated Android software for Skyworth E3 Series and Skyworth E3D Series.
2. Unzipped the software.
3. Move the extracted copy of the software to the root file of your USB flash drive.
4. Turn off the Skyworth E3 Series or Skyworth E3D Series LED TV.
5. Unplug it from the power source.
6. Insert the USB Flash Drive to Skyworth E3 Series or Skyworth E3D Series USB port located at the back of the TV.
7. Plug in Skyworth E3 Series or Skyworth E3D Series back to the power source.
8. Turn on the TV using your remote control.
9. TV will halt to Skyworth Logo for 2 minutes and it will reboot on it's own. All you have to do now is to wait. Please refer to below image.
10. Then after a few minutes, the screen will appears similar to image below;
11. Wait for the TV to restart on it's own and everything will be OK! Setup your TV and enjoy!

What are the changes on your Skyworth E3 Series and Skyworth E3D Series after the software update?

After the software update is made, changes of course are; 1. you have an updated software, 2. You can't search for Netflix anymore.

If you have any questions and clarification, please leave a message using this form #AskSkyworth and we will get back on you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time!


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