Honest Review of Skyworth 43UB5500 Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV

Thinking of arranging your living room to a Minimalist Design? Skyworth 43UB5500 series will help you do that with this modern and elegant bridge stand design that will definitely make your living room stand out. Plus, it has a wide viewing angle that let you watch clearly outside the TV axis, thanks because every angle is the best viewing location!

Skyworth 43UB5500 Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV

The all new Skyworth 43UB5500 4K Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV comes offering an execellent picture quality and sound at very affordable price.

Running on Linux Operating System with 7 built-in applications which includes; Netflix, YouTube, Smart TV App, Facebook, Twitter, MiraShare and TV Browser.

Infinity Screen
Infinity screen is refer to a TV feature that allows user to enjoy a much more screen and less frame or border. It surely brings a much better viewing experience than before.

Play a video and compare the normal LED TV to the all new Skyworth 43UB5500 4K Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV featuring that infinity screen to see the difference.

Brilliantly Clear Enhancer
This feature let user to distinguish colors precisely, compensate and adjust different colors to display the purest color so that TV image quality would be greatly improved in this way. At the same time the video enhancer will allow you to enjoy dark and bright scene even under the noon time sun.

Powerful sound
Since it was an upgrade version Skyworth 43U2, Skyworth 43UB5500 4K Ultra HD Netflix Smart LED TV sound comes more powerful and realistic. Thanks to it's two 10 watts speaker system.

AVL / Auto Volume Leveling
This feature is also know as the auto volume control. It stabilize sound and avoid sudden increase of volume.

What's not to like about our new 43UB5500, it have an OpenBrowser that lets you search whatever you like, a built-in Youtube, built-in Netflix, and a Net range portal, it is an app that contains your favorite movies, tv series and Kdramas. What more could you ask for?

Skyworth 43UB5500 Model Name Sticker
Many Skyworth customer or user are asking where to found it's model name. To answer that question, model name of the TV is usually found at it's back. Usually it looks like the above figure.

Skyworth 43UB5500 Integrated Board
 It was called an integrated board since a power supply, mainboard and other component made into one piece. Some people called it all-in-one board.

Open-up TV Back Cover
 The above photo is comes with better picture. It show how's the Skyworth 43UB5500 looks like when open from the back.

Skyworth Down Firing Speaker System
Speakers are attached to it's back cover and facing downward. Down facing speaker system produce much better sound when TV hang on wall.

6 ohms, 10 Watts Speaker System

 Above is the actual photo of Skyworth 43TB5500. It comes with 6 ohms, 10 watts speaker power.

Skyworth 43UB5500 Available Ports 
 It comes with 1 digital audio out, 1 LAN port, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 port, 1 Digital Receiver, and AV IN. Please refer to above photo.

Skyworth 43UB5500 Back Cover
Comes with no screw available to open the back panel cover. I am thinking, how can one change it's back light when it get busted. Perhaps no chance, seems like a disposable LED TV. However, since Skyworth offering 2 years warranty on it's TV, the good thing for this design is not repairable. Therefore, it's subject for unit replacement.

Stand, Remote, Power Cord and other Accessories
 Look at above figure, this is an actual photo of Skyworth 43TB5500 stand, remote, and other accessories. It pack with manual and warranty certificate.

How to connect the Skyworth 43UB5500 to Wi-Fi?
1. Press "HOME" on remote.
2. Go to Setting.
3. Go to Network
4. Select "Wireless Network"
5. Press "OK"
6. Key in your password.
7. Press "Green Button"

Connecting Skyworth 43UB5500 MiraShare to Smart Android Phone

For the step by step guide on how to connect your SmartPhone to your LED please visit
How to connect Skyworth LED TV to SmartPhone? or copy this link to your browser https://www.skyworthphilippines.com/2019/05/how-to-connect-your-smartphone-to.html

How to pair Skyworth 43UB5500 LED to Skyworth Bluetooth Remote?

To know more about your remote and how to pair it with your brand new 43TB5500 please visit this link Skyworth (Basic, Smart, Android) Remote Control: Everything you want to know! or copy and paste this link to your browser https://www.skyworthphilippines.com/2019/05/skyworth-basic-smart-android-remote.html.

How to Skyworth LED TV with Digital Audio Output to your existing Analog Speaker?


  1. It keeps giving me an error when connecting to Netflix and Youtube. I have 2 TVs and this is the only one that is giving me a headache. I bought this March 4 of last year. How do we fix this?


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