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How to Update the Software of Skyworth E3 and E3D Series?

Having an updated software and firmware on your Smartphone or Computer or other device means it working fine and you are confident on your security. Same with your Android TV, it is a must to keep it updated. So in this post, I will show you step by step on how to update your Skyworth E3 and E3D Series software and firmware. But before we proceed, I would to discuss a few things and answering few questions. What are the model belong that belong to E3 Series? The following model on the list belong are belong to Skyworth E3 Series, a 2K Android None Neflix LED TV; 32E6 40E6 43E6 49E6 What are the model belong that belong to E3D Series? The following model on the list belong are belong to Skyworth E3D Series, a 2K Android None Neflix LED TV. Don't be confused with those without D and to those with D. Yes they are similar. 32E6D 40E6D 43E6D 49E6D What is the different between E3 Series and E3D Series? What is the different between, 32E3 and 32E3D, or 40

How to Update Skyworth E6 or E6D Series and Skyworth E3 or E3D Series?

Having an obsolete and an outdated software or firmware on your Skyworth LED TV will only bring you trouble. Because, most of the applications out there have undergo updates frequently. And if you doesn't make an update yourself, your device soon will not going to work well. Therefore, I made this post to help how to update your LED TV both Skyworth E6 Series and Skyworth E6D Series. However, before we begin I want you to know what models or the list LED TV models belong to E6 Series and E6D Series. So, let's begin? What are the model belong to Skyworth E6 Series? The following model on list below are belong to E6 Series, a 2K Android none Netflix LED TV; 32E6 40E6 43E6 49E6 What are the model belong to Skyworth E6D Series? Above I mentioned four model of E6 series, don't be confused but the following models that belong to E6D Series is similar to what you have see above. Just add D. Refer to following list below; 32E6D 40E6D 43E6D 49E6D What a

Philippines TV Market Share, Competition, Growth and Industry attractiveness

TV belongs to the category of household appliances. So the TV market size is closely connected to family quantity and population of the country. At the moment of writing, Philippines has an around a total of 20 million families. Among them which are the 85 percent have already owned at least one TV set. Therefore, an around a total of 17 million families are TV users. Supposing TV’s life span will exist up to 10 years. This figure translate that annually, there are around a total of 1.7 million new TV to be buy that will share by different TV brand in the market.  TV competition in Philippines Market At the moment, the top three players occupy an around half of Philippines TV market, which as follows; Samsung, Sony and LG. While the second class TV brands which acquires more or less 35 percent of the market are the following, Skyworth, Sharp, TCL, Haier and DEVANT. And the rest of the TV market is competed by Changhong, Hyundai, Toshiba, Panasonic, EZY, Pensonic, HK TV, Nov

Where is Coocaa Physical store located here in the Philippines? Buying Coocaa LED TV.

I have received hundreds of daily inquiry in our Coocaa Philippines Official Facebook page about the question "Do Coocaa have a physical store here in the Philippines?" or "Where is Coocaa Physical store located here in the Philippines?". So instead of answering those inquiry one by one, I decided to make a post that will directly answer those question? Do Coocaa have a physical store here in the Philippines? Coocaa brand have been first to introduces here in the Philippines way back 2014 on e-commerce website, Lazada. At present, Coocaa have again introduce there products here in the country focusing on e-commerce. Therefore, Coocaa Philippines doesn't have any Physical Store to buy from. Where is Coocaa Physical store located here in the Philippines? As I mentioned above, Coocaa doesn't have or own physical store and the transaction is made purely online. What is the difference between e-commerce store and physical store? It's pr

What is Skyworth Android TV? Skyworth Android Smart LED TV fully explained.

Getting the most out of your Skyworth TV nowadays means having a way to interact the world using apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and more, plus the ability to play online games. In addition to that, your TV must have the capacity to download, install and uninstall various applications from Google play store where you will find thousands of both paid and free apps for specifically design for TV. Pre-installed and downloaded applications are align horizontally across the TV screen. What is Skyworth Android TV? Skyworth Android TV  is a version of Skyworth Smart TV that comes with Google Android operating system that specially configured for TVs. That description, however, doesn’t really convey how different Skyworth Android TV is from Android. Instead of being greeted by a screen full of apps or widgets like search, weather, or stocks, Skyworth Android TV’s home screen puts a focus on helping you discover the content you can enjoy on your TV — whether it’s thro

How to Connect Skyworth LED TV and Coocaa LED TV with Digital Audio Output to your existing Analog Speaker?

Almost all brand new Skyworth LED TV and Coocaa LED TV nowadays comes with Digital Audio output and it is really frustrating if your existing speaker at hone is only compatible to analog connector, 3.5 mm jack. But worry no more, after so many try I finally found the compatible and exact product you needed to connect your digital output to your existing speaker that comes with 3.5mm analog jack. Thanks to this affordable UGREEN Digital Optical Toslink Coax to Analog Audio 3.5mm Jack Converter Adapter, I solve this problem and happy to share with you! Where to buy an Analog to Digital Converter? Here is the exact link of the product (digital audio to analog audio converter) , it's from amazon and based on my own experience delivery would take around 5 days from the date of purchase. The converter is really affordable, just around $10.00 or 500 pesos converted to Philippine fiat currency. How to  Connect Skyworth LED TV and Coocaa

Coocaa 32W4 Digital LED TV Review

Want to have a positive and productive life! Well with Coocaa 32W4 that comes with 10-bit color enhancement, your gloomy living room will turn out to be a lively and colorful one. Moreover, Coocaa 32W4 is perfect for someone who is on budget with it's very affordable price. Though it comes with really low price, it doesn't the quality and workmanship is being neglected. In-fact the Coocaa 32W4 is equipped with digital receiver for local broadcast channel that can produce at least 720p resolution with digital sound quality. It only mean that Coocaa 32W4 is ready for the future. Aside from that, a 10-bit color enhancer will deliver color precisely, compensate and adjust different colors to display the purest color, so that TV image quality would be greatly improved. It means that this color enhancement allows user to enjoy dark and bright scene. Also, you don't have to close the curtain because you need watch TV. Furthermore, with it's two 8 ohms, 10 watts sp