Skyworth 40E6 "device is not optimized for Netflix" (netflix.mediaclient_6.17.0_build_16_31523-31523_minAPI21)

Have you encounter this problem with your skyworth TV stating that " This device is not optimized for Netflix" or “Sorry, your account can’t be used on this device”? Here are my test result;

TV Software Version:

Netflix Version:

By using Netflix 6.17.0 build 16 31523 which is 100% compatible to Android 5.0 and above. On E6-series, Netflix 6.17.0 build 16 31523 installations works fine and smooth. However, the time that we open it to login for the account it says “Sorry, your account can’t be used on this device” please refer to figure below.

netflix sorry your account can't be used on this device
Upon opening the Netflix app, warning message window pane pop out with the following messages “ Warning: This device is not optimized for Netflix (-14)”

By pressing ok to continued

Another window pane open with “this device is not optimized for Netflix.

this device is not optimized for Netflix

“According to Netflix this Skyworth model (E6 series) is temporarily blocked and not Netflix certified for a moment.  The device account is on hold because of a problem with the latest term of services.”

Since Nov. 05, 2018 Skyworth Head Quarter didn’t contacting Netflix Head Quarter.

Skyworth head quarter in China have confirmed that this model is not Netflix ready TV. And if you wanted to use Netflix with this model you can download the later version of the Netflix software. Software is available to download here:


  1. Hi, I'm a 43E6D user, is there any update regarding this problem? Is there any possibility for the Netflix app to be activated again?

    1. Same issue with you. Also, i cant cast my android phone directly to Smart tv

  2. Shit tv why must i pay for this rubich and now i must download the upgrades i pay for it it must be working i rather bye a Samsung tv its working
    Take this shit back to pick and pay

  3. Very disappointed in this skyworth tv

  4. Is there any update on this issue. It's sad that netflix is the reason why we bought Skyworth android tv but it doesn't work. Hope it'll work soon.

  5. Is there any solution to this problem now? its already 2021

  6. Any solution in this problem? It's 2022 now


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