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Skyworth 40E390i Software Update Guide - Step by Step procedure

The software update for Skyworth 40E390i is now available for download at Skyworth Philippines service center official web-blog site or direct here ( Skyworth 40E390i Software Update Download ). 40E390i comes featuring 1080p full HD display, smart TV, built in wi-fi adapter and powered by Linux 2.6.34 operating system. What's new after the update? All bugs and all other TV issue were going to be fix which includes wi-fi connection. How to update 40E390i - Step by Step Guide Operating System update for 40E390i comes so handy and not requiring any technical background. Just follow this step by step guide. Tools you need To make an operating system update for 40E390i, you will need an atlest 512MB empty flash disk drive in FAT32 format. Software is available for download at Skyworth Philippines Service Center Official Website. What to do? 1. Download the software at 2. Copy the file on your USB flash Disk Drive (Make sur

Download Skyworth 40E390i Software

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