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Skyworth 40E390i Technical Review

The Skyworth 40E390i LED Smart TV is an upgrade version of the later 40E360 who have gained popularity in Philippines and China among the HDTV - buying public in recent times. It featuring a native 40-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) display with screen resolution of 1366 x 768, a glossy piano finish and ultra slim design that perfectly match with bridge standee. To cope up with competition it comes with the most current next-generation specifications.
40E390i Features: Full HDEnergy SaverFacebookBrowserYoutubeFlickrSkyshareSkyRss 40E390i Input Output Ethernet Port - Connect to the network through a LAN CableUSB x 2 - USB portHDMI x 3 (MHL) - Connect HDMI input signal source such as DVD or LaptopAV In - Connect Audio and Video input signal from signal source such as DVDPC In (VGA) - Connect PC using VGA cableAudio In (3.5mm Pc Audio In) - Audio input for PC and Audio input for HDMI when the signal is DVI timing.Y Pb Pr In (Component In) - connect component signal from source such as DVD'…

Skyworth 32E3000 LED TV Review

The Skyworth 32E3000 LED TV bundle with the following features: HD PanelAnalog TV(LED TV)HDMI input2 USB inputAudio output ( through headset socket)MHL readyAV input

When it comes with 32E3000  design it comes;  Glossy finish.Slim boarder design.2 separate T-stand.No manual button.

Pros: Energy Efficient TVRemote as main partsRemote warranty extends to one year

Cons No Manual Button

Digital TV Standards

Different Digital TV Standard Around the World.

Europe: DVB
According to the transmission medium
DVB-S (Satellite)
DVB-C (Cable)
DVB-T (Terrestrial)

Broadcasting-Terrestrial Standard: ATSC
Satellite/Cable adopts European standard: DVB-S/DVB-C

Broadcasting-Terrestrial Standard: ISDB-T
Satellite/Cable adopts European Standard: DVB-S/DVB-C

Analog TV Signal Formats

Different countries or area use different analog TV signal systems

PAL (PAL D/K, PAL I, PAL B/G) 625/50i
China, Vietnam uses PAL D/K
Britain and Hongkong uses PAL I
Germany, Australia, Southeast Asia Countries uses PAL B/G

NTSC 525/60i
America, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, and etc.

SECAM 625/50i
France, Russia, Eastern Europe

Smart Digital TV Common Functions and Characteristics

A smart TV platform developed by Google, running the Android operating system.Resolution of Android TVs start from Full HD.Android  TVs start from 42” and above.Interfaces include USB ( USB 2.0 and USB 3.0),  MHL Cable, VGA, HDMI, earphone, channel connector, RGB, composite and audio jacks.Panel used are VA and IPS panels.Can install apps. such as games & other APK programs.Skyworth’s 4K (UHD) TV is an Android TV (E790 series).With Skyshare/ Wireless Display feature.Uses  wired and wireless internet connectionSkyworth digital TV has built-n ISDB-T digital receiver that   conforms to Philippines digital standard which is Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T)Skyworth digital is also a Smart Digital TV.

Smart TV's Common Function and Characteristics

Uses operating system (Linux 2.4)Uses  APP STORE in which you can access programs and applications online.Resolution of Smart TVs start from  HD to Full HD.Smart  TVs sizes started from 32” and above.Interfaces includes USB ( USB 2.0),  MHL Cable, VGA, HDMI, earphone, SPDIF, channel connector, RGB, composite and audio jacks.Panel used are VA and IPS panels.With Skyshare/ Wireless Display feature.Uses  wired and wireless connection 

Internet TV Common Function

Has the capability to browse the web.It can play sounds, music videos and movies via use of USB.Commonly, the resolution of Internet TVs start from  HD.For the size, Internet  TVs started from 32” and above.Interfaces includes USB ( USB 2.0 and USB 3.0),  MHL Cable, VGA, HDMI, earphone, SPDIF, channel connector, RGB, composite and audio jacks.Type of panel used is VA panel.Commonly, uses wired connection but Skyworth Internet TV's uses Wifi function.


Commonly use for watching TV broadcast programCan play sounds, music videos and movie through  USBResolution s HD to FHD.TV ranges from size 14 to 50”.Interfaces include USB, VGA, HDMI, MHL, Earphone, RGB, Composite and Audio Jack.

Home Service and Wall Bracket Installation

Home Service Policy Home service is limited to 29” LCD/LED models and above, other models/products (LCD/LED 14”,19’, 22’, 24’, 28’ TV, DVD Player, Portable DVD, Earphone, Home Theater, etc.) below 29” shall be on “carry-in” basis.

Installation of Wall Bracket Policy Php 1,000.00 price of the bracket 29” to 47” and
Php 1,500.00 price of the bracket 50” and above sizes.
Only our ASC are authorize to do the installation.

SkyPad or Skyworth Tablet Service Center

SkyPad's or Skyworth tablet service center are located at CTSI Logistics Building, Km. 14 West Service Road, South Luzon Expressway, Merville Paranaque City, Philippines, Parañaque, Metro Manila. However, they only honnor T-8 model. 
Skyworth T-8 parts and software are available at Skyworth Philippines Service Center.
For inquiries, please call hotline number's 555-1555 or 491-8000

Skyworth 32E390i Smart Review

The skyworth 32E390i LED Smart TV comes bundled with the most current next-generation specifications. It appear to be glossy piano finish and slim design that undoubtedly stand out among the swathe of furniture.
When it comes with TV parts, mainboard is separate from it's power supply board and a T-con. The good thing, it easy to repair and very rare to caught malfunction. With its T-con, a stunning and smooth graphics may deliver to its user.

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