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Panel Warranty Claim Procedure

1. Take the whole photo of the unit Main Unit 2. Take a focus picture for the defect Defect 3. Take photo of the main unit serial number (serial number that located on TV's back cover) Serial Number Main Unit 4. Take photo of the panel serial number (serial number found after removing the unit back cover) Panel Serial Number 5. Take photo of panel PCBI serial number (commonly it attach on panel) PCBI Serial Number

Skyshare Compatible Android Mobile with Mirracast

Skyshare, is not supposed to work on every mobile devices. Because some mobile vendors may disable Wifi Display for some reasons such performance issues , testing issues and or other issues. However, using a Wifi Display (Miracast) software would help, connect to your Smart TV wirelessly with your android mobile. It only enable on a devices having Android version 4.2. With android 4.4.X and greater mobile may have problem with it's improve miracast certification. You need downgrade your mobile below to Android 4.2. Or else, download a new HDCP issue patch (provided by your mobile supplier), wherein your android mobile need to be ROOTED in order to install the patch, but need not update your mobile ROM.

Connecting Skyshare with Samsung Android Mobile

How do I share my Samsung Android Mobile screen with Skyworth Skyshare? In this tutorial, I use Skyworth 40E380i / 40E390i Smart TV. This model came out in the market last 2014. How to connect TV to smartphone with Skyshare! 1. Locate "Skyshare", using the remote navigation keys, select "Skyshare" and press "OK". Please refer to image below. 2. On your SmartPhone, open Wi-Fi display features or AllShare Cast and scan for available connection. Select and tap connect. Please refer to the image below. 3. Once connected, your SmartPhone will display similar information as what you see below image. For more information and complete details please read the following " How to connect your Smartphone to Skyworth TV? " It include the guide on how to connect with MiraShare, Skyshare, Chromecast, and MHL cable link. Cheers!!!

How to repair and disassemble Skyworth tablet

Tools required to repair and disassemble a tablet Disassemble step by step guide Tools needed for repair and disassemble a Skyworth Tablet wire cutter pliers nipper tweezers guitar pick (stainless steel sheet) desoldering station small cross screw driver and electric screw driver antistatic soldering iron independent repair table independent power supply socket Step by step tablet disassemble guide 1. Taking off cover. To take off it's cover, insert a guitar sheet into the gap between front cover and connector cover, then slightly open the cover along the gap. See photo below. 2. Taking off screws on back cover After the connector cover is remove, you will find 3 screws on back cover. Unscrew then using your small cross screw driver as show figure below. 3. Taking off Back cover For you to take off tablet back cover, insert a guitar sheet into a gap between front cover and back cover, then slightly open the cover along the gap. See figure below. 4. Take o

Skyworth 40E3000 Service Review

Features: AFull HD nalog TV(LED TV) HDMI input 2 USB input Audio output ( through headset socket) MHL ready AV input Design: Glossy finish. Slim boarder design. 2 separate T-stand. No manual button. Disadvantage or Advantage? -compare to other model of Skyworth(40E3000) - concern, arising this model soon? eg. Customer purchase 40E3000 if they lost their remote how they can operate this model? The main menu of this model is remote operated.