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Basic Requirment to identify Skyworth parts

Part number 1. Speaker 2. Power Supply 3. Back Cover 4. Keybutton Model 1. Panel Mainboard 1. Chassis number What models using same parts? 19-incher With Common Parts 19E20 & 19E65 - PSU, MB, Panel 19E28 & 19E57 - PSU, MB, Panel With Unique Parts 19E22 19E39 19E510 24-incher With common parts 24E20 & 24E65 - Common MB With Unique Parts 24E58B 24E39 24E22 24E510s 28-incher  With Common Parts 28E36 & 28E33 - Common PSU, MB, Panel 29-incher  With unique Parts 29E50 32-incher With Common Parts 32E58 &  32E360 - MB, PSU, Panel 32E28 & 32E57 - MB, PSU, Panel 32E36 & 32E33 - MB, PSU, Panel 32-incher With Unique Parts 32E29 32E510S 39-incher With Common Parts 39E55 & 39E22 & 39E26 - Common PSU 39E33 & 39E36 - Common PSU, MB, Panel 39-incher  With unique Parts 39E29 - Unique parts 40-incher with Common Parts 40E58 & 40E360 - Common Panel, MB, PSU 40E36i & 40E36YC - Common Panel, MB, PSU 42

Skyworth 40E360 & 40E58 Update

Download Skyworth 40E360 & 40E58 Update

Opera Digital Smart TV E510S Series

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Skyworth Authorized Service Center – Cebu and Bohol Area

Skyworth Authorized Service Center – Bicol Area

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Skyworth and Coocaa Authorized Service Center – Bulacan and nearby areas

RSG Electronics is located at 239 E. Mabini St. Sabang Baliwag Bulacan. As Skyworth and Coocaa authorized service partner, RSG Electronics provides support for Digital Appliances such as Skyworth Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air conditioners, and TVs. Highly-skilled service engineers can attend to the needs of the customers in terms of software updates, installations and product repairs. Furthermore, RSG Electronics is also an authorized service partner of LG, Devant, Skyworth, Coocaa, Midea and Hisense that provides support for Mobile Phones, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Airconditioners, and TVs. Service Offer Customer reception for walk in and call in Warranty validation and collection of copy of proof of warranty Receiving inspection Repair estimate Defective parts replacement, service alignment, and adjustments Post service delivery inspections Service Center Name: RSG Electronics Service Center Branch Address: 239 E. Mabini St. Sabang Baliwag

Skyworth Authorized Service Center – Cavite Area

Skyworth Authorized Service Center- Laguna Area

LAGUNA AREA Since I received a lot of question about " where is your service center in Laguna ", instead of answering them one by one why not just create this post with one thing in mind, help people of Laguna and nearby town finding service center that cater repairs both Whiteline and Brownline as follows; TV's (CRT TV, LCD TV, LED TV,), Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Freezer, Aircon, all small home appliances and other electronics (Projector, Amplifier, Mixer, Home Theater, DVD Deck, Receiver, DVD Player, DVD Recorder, VCD, Midi Player, PC Monitor, Microwave Oven). What is a the Jargon Whiteline and Brownline in Appliances? Way back a decade ago, after I graduated college and enter the real business I've heard jargons  such Whiteline and Brownline were I am not familiar with. And I know deep inside that there are people like me before who doesn't know about that jargon.  So I would like to take advantage on this post to educate some people

How to update your skyworth TV Software

There are two different ways on how you can Update or Upgrade your Skyworth TV or Coocaa TV  or XIAOMI Mi Android LED TV P1 . It can be an offline update using USB Flash Drive or it can be Over the Internet Software Update. How to Update Skyworth TV Software Using USB Flash Drive Offline? Needed Tools: 8 GB or 16 GB USB Flash Drive (Fat32) Skyworth TV Software (2.45 GB) Software and Firmware is Available for download at Tech N Tech . Download the software from the provided link. (you can find the specific TV model on this site by searching the model of your TV. Example "50STD6600". Search bar is located at the top just click on the search icon above). Please refer to image below; Move the software into USB Flash root directory. Insert the USB Flash Drive containing software into USB port 2.0. Please refer to the image below; Unplug the Skyworth TV from power source. Press the power button and hold for at least 5 seconds or until the update progress bar appears in your screen.

Skyworth 47E38 LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 47E38 LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 42E56 8M47 LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 42E56 8M47 LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 42E38 8M47S LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 42E38 8M47S LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 42E38 8M47 LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 42E38 8M47 LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 42E36 8M47 LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 42E36 8M47 LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 42E28 8M48 LED TV Software Update

Download Skyworth 42E28 8M48 LED TV Software Update Click

Skyworth 39E55 LED TV Software Update

Download  Skyworth 32E33 LED TV Software Update  Click

Skyworth 32E33 LED TV Software Update

Skyworth 32E33 LED TV Software Update Download

Warehouse Sale for Speaker, Portable DVD, DVD, Wall Bracket, and TV Accessories

List SKYWORTH Authorized Service Centers for NCR

Alvision Service - Brgy Commonwealth Quezon City Contact Person: Mr. Candido C. Membrebe Tel Number#: (02) 352-2519 Mobile Phone#: 09053993997 - Globe Mobile Phone#: 09208132026 - Smart Business Address: #25-B Doña Lucia st. Doña Carmen sbd. Brgy Commonwealth Quezon city Covered Area: 大马尼拉区:Quezon City, Marikina city, Mandaluyong city, San Juan city, Makati city, Pasay city, Taguig city, Paranaue city, Las Pinas city, Muntinlupa city,  Caloocan City, Manila City, Mandaluyong City, Pasig City, Marikina City, Pasig City CCM Electronics -  East Fairview Quezon City Contact Person: Celes Mobile Number: 09295792122 Address: Diamond East Fairview Q.C. AVS Service Inc. - Tayuman, Manila Contact Person: Ms. Gina S. Basilio Tel Number#: 256-8287 / 252-7238 / 253-6832 Mobile Phone#: 0922-8495519 Business Address: #1151 Tayuman st., Manila Covered Area: Northern M-Manila including Caloocan, Valenzuela, Navotas, & Malabon AVS Service Inc. - East Kamias,

Wi-Fi Dongle WK02BRT(WF-2109) for Skyworth Smart LED TV

Skyworth USB Wi-Fi Dongle for LED TV comes with 300 MBps Wireless-N USB Adapter, model WK02BRT(WF-2109). This dongle is 100% compatible to all Skyworth Smart LED TV. Price for Skyworth Wi-Fi Dongle: Php1000.00 plus Shipping Fee. This page will answer the following question: 1. Wi-Fi Dongle for Skyworth Smart LED TV. 2. Wi-Fi Dongle for 40-incher Skyworth TV 3. Skyworth Wi-Fi Dongle Model 4. Where to buy Skyworth Wi-Fi Dongle TV. 5. Availability of Skyworth Wi-Fi Dongle. Where to buy Wi-Fi dongle for skyworth smart TV? Wi-Fi Dongle for Skyworth Smart LED TV is come available also here at the Skyworth Philippines Service Center. In order to process your purchase, feel free to chat our customer service assistant or leave a message using our live chat. Download Link:

Skyworth 4k E790 Series

Bring home Skyworth 4KUHDTV E790 Series and experience Superb Clarity watching your favorite movie, this holiday season. To achieve cinematic like sound, the Skyworth Home Theater Sound System comes to be its best mate. Skyworth 4KUHDTV E790 Series and  Home Theater Sound System are now available in your favorite appliance store nationwide. 

Skyworth Philippines Service Center Official Website

To support our most valued customer, we at Skyworth Service Center Philippines launch it's official website to assist your concern through E-mail and live chat, 24/7 in your own choice. Because, we believe nothing is more important to us than you are.  Reach Out your Concern With our automated e-mail system and live chat, you will able to reach out your concern about our product using your; mobile phones (Android or iOS), tablets (Android or iOS), laptops, smart TV's and desktop computer. What you can do with our live chat and e-mail support? With our live support, you can add different emotions, real time attached and send files, save chat transcript, e-mail chat transcript, print chat transcript, warning sound for incoming and out-coming message. Live Chat and Real Time E-mail Worry about your security and privacy online?  We assure your privacy and security online. Because, the website comes with comprehensive Chat and E-mail software uses by t