Hisense 32A4GS vs Skyworth 32STG5500: What's the difference?

On this post we will see what is the difference between the Skyworth 32STG5500 Google TV and the Hisense 32A4GS VIDAA U6. 

This includes the following parameters; Operating System, screen size, resolution, backlight, refresh rate, speakers, HDMI ports, USB ports, Bluetooth, HDR, Dolby Audio, Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Find-my Remote.

Based on the above parameters, both Hisense 32A4GS and Skyworth 32STG5500 screen resolution comes featuring HD. However, Skyworth speaker is better than the one installed in Hisense.

Meanwhile, the Skyworth 32STG5500 has a better speaker system and featuring Low Blue Light, Flicker Free and Find-my Remote.


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