Skyworth 43 (43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , 43E6D) OS Upgrade Available!

Thanks to Tech N Tech, Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , and 43E6D OS upgrade to newer version of Android TV Operating System is now available. It is introduced on article "How to Install the Latest Android 9 OS to Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV?".

Just follow the link above and your good to go. But there will be risk in upgrading operating system, sometimes it'll will ruin the whole mother board of you Skyworth 43 Android TV if done incorrectly or if their is a disruption happened while upgrading.

Disruption like, power lose, brownout and other interruptions. So be careful out there, make sure your ready for what ever happened on the way. Remember, your TV is now out of warranty and the mainboard or the mother board is rarely available now.

Also, not all type of T-Con and Panel of Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , and 43E6D is 100% compatible with Android 9 Operating system. There are small percentage of panel out there that will result to no display after update.

How to Revert Back or Reinstall Android 8 TV OS?

But don't worry on that, you can still revert or reinstall the old Android 8 operating of your TV. So before you start an upgrade make sure that you have reads and understand what is written on the article "How to Install the Latest Android 9 OS to Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV?".

On the post, it include all the list of tools you need in an upgrade, the Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV software download link both the new android OS and the existing Android 8 software. So if the upgrade is not compatible with your TV T-Con and Panel, just reinstall the older version Android TV OS.

What is new?

After an upgrade and update of firmware and software, you may notice something is new. Your Skyworth 43 Android TV now become more responsive. And the most important, bugs on the older Android System has been patch.

Also, you can now install a Netflix app again. But unfortunately, you can only install the older Netflix app  version 4.2.0. The download link for Netflix 4.2.0 can be found inside the post too.


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