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Skyworth 55 inch upcoming 2022 Philippine Model Review!

SKYWORTH launches a new line-up of 55 inch 4K Google TVs and gaming monitors this August. Here in the country, Skyworth Philippines will introduce three 2022 model of 4K Google TV. These are the 55SUE6700, 55SUE6800, 55SUE7600 and the 55SUE8000 which also known as Skyworth 4K Google TV 2022 model. Photo is Courtesy by: Skyworth 4K Google TV 2022 model overview. Here are the summarize overview of the new line-up of 55 inch 4K Google TV which include the 55SUE6700, 55SUE6800, 55SUE7600 and the 55SUE8000.  Appearance Boundless Screen 4.0| Base of the Twin Towers|The Diamond Back Panel Key Points Eye care TV|SKYWORTH Google TV Picture Quality Chameleon Extreme 2.0|Filmmaker Mode|HDR10 & HLG Sound Quality Dolby Digital Plus & Dolby Audio|DTS Studio Sound|Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1|2*10w Speakers Configurations Far-filed Voice Control|The antibacterial remote control|HDMI*3|USB*2 Skyworth 55SUE6700 Review The 55SUE6700 will be introduce in the Philippine

Skyworth 43 (43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , 43E6D) OS Upgrade Available!

Photo Credit: Thanks to Tech N Tech , Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , and 43E6D OS upgrade to newer version of Android TV Operating System is now available. It is introduced on article " How to Install the Latest Android 9 OS to Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 and 43E6D UHD TV? ". Just follow the link above and your good to go. But there will be risk in upgrading operating system, sometimes it'll will ruin the whole mother board of you Skyworth 43 Android TV if done incorrectly or if their is a disruption happened while upgrading. Disruption like, power lose, brownout and other interruptions. So be careful out there, make sure your ready for what ever happened on the way. Remember, your TV is now out of warranty and the mainboard or the mother board is rarely available now. Also, not all type of T-Con and Panel of Skyworth 43E3, 43E3D, 43E6 , and 43E6D is 100% compatible with Android 9 Operating system. There are small percentage of panel out there th

Skyworth 32STD4000 Smart TV Coolita OS 01M Actual Image and Review!

The global giant and TV manufacturer Skyworth will introduced Coocaa's own Coolita OS 01M for Smart TV here in the Philippines this year, first in India last 2021. This Coocaa self-developed Coolita OS brings more lighter and smoother user experienced. Above is an actual image of Skyworth 32STD4000 Smart TV. Coolita Operating System Coolita operating system is based on Linux kernel designed specifically for Smarts TVs. It offers user wide array of free entertainment options such as QJY Browser, YouTube, PLEX, Prime Video, ZEE5, YUPPTV, MEGOGO, CLASSIC MOVIES, FILMZIE and more pre-install apps. Phone, Video and Laptop Casting You can also able to share your mobile phone screen, content and movies into a bigger screen even in the absent of internet, all of this is made possible by Casting technology. Coolita casting feature comes in three options, Cast Your Phone, Cast a Video and Cast Your Laptop which is available on both iPhone and Android. Wi-Fi Signal 2.4 G Unfortunately, the Wi

Skyworth 2022 Model the SUE67 Series Google TV Review!

For eye and for you, Skyworth's tagline for 2022. This is because our all new SUE series models will be featuring an eye care protection and more exciting new features. Comes in seven (7) different sizes to choose from that starts with 43-inch for the smallest variants and 86-inch for the largest Skyworth variant for this year. Models Names as follows: 43SUE6700 50SUE6700 55SUE6700 65SUE6700 70SUE6700 77SUE6700 75SUE6700 86SUE6700 And it will featuring the following; Boundless Screen 4.0 Eye Care Flicker Free Low Blue Light Anti-bacterial Remote Control Daily Shortcut Eye Protection DTS Studio Sound Far Field Voice Control For more information please visit:  Skyworth Google TV Review the SUE6700 Series with Actual Unit You can also look for the Coocaa latest Google TV year 2022 Review!