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How to Software Update Skyworth 40STC3210 and 40STC3200?

In order for you to update the software of you 40STC3210 and 40STC3200 you will need the following;  40STC3210 and 40STC3200 Software : Please refer to the video below for step by step software update guide / instructions: Step by Step Guide  40STC3210 and 40STC3200 Software Installation: 1. Download the software here: 2. Move the downloaded software "allupgrade_3563i_OB3353_85.bin" to USB Flash drive root directory. 3. Insert the USB Flash Drive containing the software into TV USB Port. 4. Cut the power / unplug the TV from power source for at-least 10 seconds. 5. Restore the power / plug the TV from power source. The progress bar will automatically appear with a pop up message "Upgrading Software Please do not turn off". 6. Wait until "Software Upgrade Complete". When the progress bar reac