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Where to buy Skyworth Power Cord?

" I need the original DC power cord for my Skyworth TV and can't find one!" Is one of the customer's frequently asked question over the phone in our service center. And finally they can now find one and it is an original Skyworth power cord! Price offered is a truly affordable which is safe to say a factory price for as low as 350.00 Philippine peso. Skyworth original power cord There are two different types of Skyworth power cord, the L-Shape and the Standard power cord. Please refer to the images below; For the Skyworth L-Shape power cord you can get it here:'s-and-Printers-i.200675944.19804101331 For Skyworth  Standard AC Power Cord you can get it here: Power Cord Common Feature and Specs. STANDARD 240 Volts AC POWER CORD 2 pin AC Power Cable on the wall socket Compatible With Laptop adapter with

Skyworth 4K Android 10.0 SUC7 Series (50SUC7000, 50SUC7500, 55SUC7000 and 55SUC7500) Review!

Skyworth 4K Android 10.0 SUC7 Series which include 50SUC7000, 50SUC7500, 55SUC7000 and 55SUC7500 is featuring Infinity Screen or Border less Design, Android 10.0 Operating System and Chameleon Extreme 2.0 AI PQ Engine. Actual Terminals Infinity Design Skyworth is technology leader with 8 year evolution of infinity screen and first Brand Launched this advanced design in Philippine Market on 2019.  Infinity border less design gives you 98.6% panel ratio, a boundless full-screen design, ingenious craftsmanship to create the ultimate slim linear middle frame, a tightly fit the edge of the screen that bring you boundless visual experience. Please refer to this images below to see the different between the thick bezel designs of the past and Skyworth SUC7 Series. Clearly it gives a perfect viewing experience with SKYWORTH Infinity Screen, Limitless vision. Going on the side of the TV, you will see a super slim body made of metallic back cover to complement the infinity design. Please refer t