How to install Google Chrome Browser to Skyworth 50E2000 and Skyworth 50E2000D?

Google Chrome browser installation for Skyworth 40E2000 and 40E2000D, please watch the video below to guide you.

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1. Download the "GoogleChrome.apk" using the following link

2. Transfer the "GoogleChrome.apk" to your USB root file.

3. Insert the USB Flash drive containing "GoogleChrome.apk" to your Skyworth 40E2000 or Skyworth 40E2000D USB 2.0 port.

4. Press "Home" on your remote. Please refer to image below.

5. Using remote navigation keys, go to “ Apps”. Please refer to image below.

6. Select the “INSTALL APK” and you will see the applications you save in the USB. Please refer to image below.

7. Select Chrome and press "OK".

8. Then select "Install" and press "OK".

9. Google Chrome is now successfully installed.


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